Hi! I'm Paulina, the fashion and lifestyle blogger behind Lil Bits of Chic. I was born and raised in lovely San Diego to wonderful Mexican parents who instilled in me so many life lessons and the importance of work ethic. My mom has always been a fashionista in her own right and my dad has always been artistic with his instruments and drawings. I think I inherited a hybrid of their creative sides *score!* I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and I continue to develop my career in that industry, however I realized that I needed a space to fulfill my creative passions like fashion and beauty and so I created this blog!

How Lil Bits of Chic Blog came about... 

In 2011, I created lilbitsofchic.com blog to document my creative projects (at the time it was painting and photography) and it has since evolved into a platform for my personal style, beauty and other lifestyle happenings mainly occurring in my lovely city of San Diego.

Through this Blog...
I talk to my readers like I talk to my girlfriends (I usually leave the how-to’s and professional writing to the magazines) primarily about fashion, with bits of lifestyle, beauty, wedding and my city of San Diego. My end-goal is always to make my readers feel good, show them that you don't need to spend a pretty penny to be in style, help them in some capacity (from keeping it real with product reviews to opinions), and just make them smile! Smiling is contagious, so you'll see me mainly smiling in my pictures! I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy putting it together!

Frequently Asked Questions...

What camera do you use? Most of my pictures are taken by fellow bloggers using my camera (this model) with this lense (here).

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