Yellow Powersuit - The It Color of Spring!

This look made an appearance on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago and it was such a hit that I wanted to dedicate a full blog post to it. For one, yellow is the IT color for Spring and two, I love me a good power suit! Yellow and power suit together, definitely a bold move which goes well with my whole "stepping out of the comfort zone" journey I am on. (More on that below)
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JCPenney Yellow blazer, JCPenney Yellow suit
What I'm wearing: Blazer (classic fit) I'm wearing this tall version c/o JCPenney | Trousers (I'm wearing this tall version) c/o JCPenney | Blouse c/o JCPenney | White heels


Yellow is the IT color of Spring...

Yellow made many appearances across the New York Fashion Week runways and consequently onto my Instagram feed which may have subconsciously influenced me because I have been so drawn to yellow this season! When it came time to pick a look from JCPenney for this collaboration I instantly picked out this yellow suit in "pineapple". (side note: You can typically snag both for under $100!)

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Yellow Spring 2019 trend, trends for spring, affordable fashion
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Back to the journey I spoke of, if you follow me on Instagram you know I am partaking in a 30-day healthy and fitness challenge and I've been sharing my check-ins, food journals and my sweaty work out face. This is all really out there for me as I usually tackle my physique privately.

Chic Spring Outfit, Yellow Spring Outfit
How to rock yellow this Spring Summer 2019, Latina Fashion Blogger
I've been on every diet you can think of since I was a teen (I think this is the norm for most of us women) and have been a yo-yo. When I had the baby I was stoked because the weight melted off as I was breastfeeding, but then... as I phased out breastfeeding, I didn't adjust my calorie intake (because I was eating more calories for the baby), plus I was indulging in all of those marvelous things I couldn't consume while pregnant (sushi, deli sandwiches, margaritas, mimosas, etc) so before I knew it I gained most of the weight back. I then half-a*** tried different things and fell into the same eating habits when I didn't see fast progress and pushing fitness to the side. Then I got an email from @FitLifeTif who informed me about her challenge and how it was aimed at busy women and moms like me. While I won't go into the specifics of the challenge, the act of sharing on social media that I was committing to this challenge was really scary for me. I knew that once I put it out there there was no turning back, plus about 6 of my girlfriends signed up too (added pressure and accountability)! All of this to say, that has been what I consider a bold move for me, and with this bold move comes responsibility to see it through. (make sure you keep up with my journey on Instagram @lilbitsofpau, I have a "Body Bliss" highlight reel too)
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What I'm wearing: Blazer (classic fit) I'm wearing this tall version c/o JCPenney | Trousers (I'm wearing this tall version) c/o JCPenney | Blouse c/o JCPenney | White pointed heels

I totally understand if a yellow powersuit is a lil much for you, so I have rounded up some yellow pieces I am loving at the moment for your shopping pleasure all at affordable price points!

Best {Fashionable} Regards,

Pictures taken by Tuy of Photography Yours and Mine


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