My Blogging Goals for 2019

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I usually know what I want to work on and what I want to aim for when it comes to my blog, but this time I struggled to put this list together. I think it's because this industry is changing rapidly that I don't know where it's headed and where my efforts will be best suited. I'm not going to get all existential in this post, trust me I've been thinking A LOT about social media's role in life in general, but as I think about my long-term future as blogger, I simply don't want to waste my time or energy on platforms that might not be around in X amount of years (a la Myspace, Friendster, Vine, Pose, Periscope, etc). So for 2019 my goals are simple, yet profound because they are rooted in why I do this and how I intend to continue to enjoy it despite all of the changes around me.
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1. Blogging with Intent: I realized that a lot of my blogging is not only to connect with many of you, but it's also for me to look back on. Going back to the whole reason I started this blog in 2011, to document my life, my creative endeavors and try to in some way help others, my goal was never to monetize or get recognition, although nice, it is not what fulfills me as a blogger. This year I will aim to write more meaningful posts such as how I got out of credit card debthow I manage my life as a mom, career woman, blogger, and also blogging tips, all topics that I get asked the most about via emails and DM's. If there is something in particular you are curious about or think I can help in let me know!
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2. Know my worth: As a person who has a lot on her plate with things other than blogging, I need to remind myself of the value of my time and the platform I have created. Knowing that, I hope to make better decisions on collaborations, brand campaigns I sign on to and events I choose to attend. I need to politely say no to things that I foresee will take too much out of me or are not valuing me as a creative/blogger. Although I feel extremely fortunate on the opportunities and invitations, I need to be more realistic with my crazy schedule and not bite off more than I can chew.
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3. Be Organized & Efficient: This one rolled over from last year and I think some progress was made. This year I really want to be on top of my editorial calendar instead of feeling like I'm drowning in it. I aim to do this by taking time to plan out my months in advance and collaborate with my photographer(s) to get things checked off. I want to streamline the way I do things and find better ways to be efficient so that I can do more in less time.
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4. Nurture connections and community: This year I focused a lot on networking which has allowed me to meet so many awesome like-minded individuals. This year I want to continue to nurture those relationships and friendships. On top of that, I want to focus more on connecting and engaging with those who read and support my blog via social media. Just like I want others to value my worth and time, I aim to value others' time, therefore I will do more to give back to my audience whether it be through better posts, better giveaways or better conversation starters.
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5. Enjoy it! Believe me when I say, if I don't enjoy it, I won't do it. I've enjoyed doing this (blogging and social media) since 2011 and aim to continue to do it on my own terms. I read SO much about those who are frustrated with the algorithms, instagram in general, the "death" of blogs, the pressures of social media and to be honest, I don't spend too much time worrying about it, because in the end what's important to me and what TRULY makes me happy is completely offline (my son, husband and family). When I think about this journey, I feel like I'm the lil engine that could... I think I can, I think I can, over here, working on what I enjoy the most and what I feel my readers enjoy. 
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 Honestly, I didn't think my goals would get all deep but I hope you enjoyed them or could identify with them!
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You might be wondering what my my personal goals are, those are completely different than my blog goals in that I am much more strict and they are measurable. I tackle those goals in what we call a "Hustle List". Every year for the past 11 years, two of my girlfriends a.k.a. #hustlesisters and I write out our annual hustle lists and get together for a corresponding hustle meeting. 

At the beginning of the year we get together (or skype) to recap the previous year's list and then read out loud our new list for the year. This allows us to set our intentions, listen to each other, give each other kudos and feedback. Once our hustle lists are set we will check in throughout the year, which allows us to stay accountable and/or reminds us of our goals. For the past 11 years my goals have gone from getting out of debt, paying off student loans, starting a blog, paying for a wedding, etc. It's crazy to see how much my hustle sisters and I have achieved and gone through.

Our hustle lists are broken up into categories and I bullet out how I intend to achieve them (if I don't know how to this is where my #hustlesisters help). This year my categories are: Health & Fitness, Spiritual, Relationship, Finances, Career, Blog, Miscellaneous, and Motherhood. In each category I have outlined a couple of goals, I am not sharing them here because most are very personal and confidential, but I'll be sharing some here and there as you see me work through them this year.

God Willing, I am meeting with my #hustlesisters this weekend and will be able to finalize my Hustle List for 2019, it honestly feels like I can't REALLY start my year without our meeting. I'll show a bit on #instastories so stay tuned!

I also want to mention, that I rely very heavily on planners, I'm trying out digital ones now that I have an iwatch but also have a paper one on-hand because I love decorating it and writing things down. My favorite right now is The Happy Planner- I've had the classic one for the past 3 years with the vertical rows. I'll link some below if you want to give them a try, they're pretty affordable and cute!


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  1. This is such a wonderful post! And I really love the idea of blogging with intent. Sometimes, it is so tempting to focus on getting a post up rather than really focusing on what you want to say as a blogger.


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