3 Tips on Office Appropriate Women Suits

Let's talk about suits, but not like the regular kind, but the coooool kind. Working in a corporate setting for over a decade (I totally just aged myself), I've had my fair share of the usual office suit, but over the years I have seen the rise of the power suits- you know those suits that make you feel confident and cool? Today I bring you this cool suit from the Rachel Roy Collection which I deem the modern take on the classic plaid suit + a round up of other modern suits that are still appropriate for the office!
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Side note: I do realize that there has been a rise of the bold suit in street style which I totally love and appreciate, however for the purpose of this blog post I have all of my working women in mind and know that those kind of suits don't fly in an office/professional setting.
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Here are 3 tips on off the rack, office appropriate suits:

1. Fit and material is everything - For professional suits I would highly recommend getting them tailored, however if you are on a budget or want something off the rack (like I did here), watch out for suits that are too tight or where the material is stretchy so that it doesn't get confused for leggings.

2.  Stay away from bold colors - Make sure the color is not too bold UNLESS you def want to make a statement or get stares from your coworkers and clients! You know those bold red or hot pink suits that all the bloggers are wearing? I don't see them walking into an office with them! They are mainly being worn to stand out and while standing out can be a good thing, in an office setting we want to stand out with our work performance and not distract our coworkers/clients with our attire. If you don't want to always wear the black and dark gray, I have linked a dark burgundy or dark green suit below!

3. Print is not too busy - By the same token, if you do select a print make sure it's not too busy or too distracting.
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Back to suit I am wearing, this blazer is meant to be over-sized, however it is not too over-sized to the point that the fit is off plus it comes with a belt option where I can cinch it at the waist. Its shape makes it a blazer I can see myself wearing outside of work paired with a tee and jeans. And while the pant is a classic work pant, the stripe is such a cool detail that is noticeable but not too distracting! I paired it with the classic black pointed pumps (these are under $30!) and a gorgeous pleat top to look ready to handle business!

Hope you enjoyed today's post! Let me know if you like more of these work wear centered posts!

About the Outfit: Glen Plaid Stripe Blazer c/o Rachel Roy | Glen Plaid Stripe Trouser c/o Rachel Roy | Pleat Body Top c/o Rachel Roy | Heels (here) | Handbag

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