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Honestly, since becoming pregnant and then a mom, I can't remember the last time I said or went on a good GNO (Girls Night Out) but you know that ol' saying, "if you build it they will come"? Well, that's kind of what I'm channeling here #wishfulthinking. My clubbin' days may be long gone, but I'm still down for drinks with my girlfriends, and today's outfit is perfect for that!
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Wearing Patrick woo lipglass, MAC Patrick woo lipglass, latina beauty blogger
how to wear an off the shoulder top, off the shoulder bell sleeve top
Let's take it back to when I was an avid GNO attendee (ah, those were the days), my friends and I would go grab a drink at one of the many restaurants in San Diego (The Prado, La Puerta, Seersucker, to name a few) and my outfit would be some version of this: a cute top, heels, jeans, clutch and a bold lip. I'm a sucker for a belle sleeve and off the shoulder top, but what I liked most about this one is the fun confetti print! The print is what makes this brand, Thieves Like Us, so cool and unique, not to mention they are now IN San Diego and I welcome their designs with open (belle sleeved) arms!
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Thieves Like Us Collection top, thieves like us collection outfit
happy hour with the girls outfit, what to wear to happy hour with the girls
Thieves Like Us is an LA-based (but now also in San Diego) brand composed by Stefanie and Lisa. They aim to bring unique and timeless easy-to-wear (think fun tops, maxi dresses, etc) pieces for contemporary women (like me ✋). Now that they're in San Diego, I'm so excited to have connected with them and see everything they have in store! If you're not local, don't worry, you can shop all of their pieces online here! They even have this confetti print on a maxi dress (here)
San Diego Style Outfit, what to wear to happy hour in san diego
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Girls Night Out in San Diego denim outfit, girls night out denim outfit, frayed hem denim look

And so as I dream of my next Girls Night Out, let me know what you like to wear or where you like to go when going out for a cocktail! If you're in San Diego I'm totally open to location suggestions! I'm thinking of putting a GNO on the calendar to give this mommy a lil break!

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