Baby's Newborn Photoshoot & Baby 1 month update

These pictures were taken when Baby O was only 2 weeks old (which was over a month ago!) by the very talented photographer Cassie from Cassema Photography. I remember this day, my husband and I were 2 weeks into our new life as parents filled with sleep deprivation, panic at every unfamiliar baby sound, still in disbelief that he was OUR creation and trying to figure the baby out. Cassie obvi knew what she was doing, she came over, set up in our living room and we waited patiently until baby was fed and sleepy to mold his little body into these cute little poses! All of these were taken in one session, I love that she did different backgrounds and props!
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1 month update
Sleep deprivation is real (but I think after a month of this I'm kind of used to it because it doesn't feel as bad). Ever since the hubby went back to work, my sleep goes something like this: 1.5 hour sleep, feed, burp, diaper change, put down to sleep, 2 maybe 3 hours of sleep, feed, diaper change, put down to sleep... until it adds to about 6.5 hours of sleep for me in very tiny chunks. I knew sleep deprivation was a parent thing but somehow I always assumed it was like 5 hours of sleep together and that's it, NOPE! Now I know that it means little increments of sleep here and there that ADD UP to at the most 6ish hours. Now we have somewhat of a routine, we swaddle him, put sounds of the womb and sometimes rock him to sleep (which kills my back, but I convince myself that it's a workout) but I still have to get up about 3-4 times to feed him.
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Baby's Newborn Photoshoot & Baby 1 month update
Breastfeeding was tough for the first 3-4 days because 1) the baby wasn't latching for the first couple of days, that was resolved thanks to 3 sessions with the lactation consultant at the hospital 2) My milk didn't come in until day 4 and the night before we stayed up ALL night thinking "what did we get ourselves into?" as the baby cried and hungrily latched onto my boobs for 6 hours straight! I was so scared that I would have no milk but thankfully the next day my milk came in full force and the baby regained his birth weight and more by his 2 week check up!

I started pumping around week 3 (lactation consultants say to wait until a month so that your breast milk is established) but I jumped the gun a bit because I wanted the hubby to assist with the feedings. Thank goodness the baby took the bottle (more specifically this bottle from Chicco with the angled nipple and slow flow) from the hubby (some babies don't take it) because now I have a bit more liberty to step out of the house without the baby for a couple of hours 😭 And I really needed that freedom at the time because I needed to get Christmas shopping done and I also needed some sanity! right mommas?!

In other news, I had heard that breastfeeding helps you lose weight but had no idea how magical it was! I'm down 38 lbs and 7 away from my pre-pregnancy weight without working out! Like whaaaat?! Also, with all these colds going around it's essential that I'm transmitting antibodies to the baby through my breast milk. I have been feeding him breast milk exclusively for all of the benefits and freezing any excess milk for when I go back to work or need it (I freeze it using these freezer bags and put them in my freezer using this organizer).
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Now for the beautiful parts of parenthood: He started cooing! If you follow and see my Instastories (@lilbitsofpau) I have been showing my lil boy being so animated and it melts my heart, even at 3 in the morning when I'm half asleep changing his diaper. Honestly it trips me out how much he looks like me, sometimes it feels like I'm looking at my eyes in a mirror! So far he has been such a sweet boy, he started to smile and is very vocal! He is growing really fast and has definitely changed since these pictures were taken (he has outgrown lots of cute newborn clothes, NB size diapers and is working his way through his wardrobe). He is truly our world and I can't (or can) wait to see him grow!
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Newborn Christmas Photo shoot, santa baby

Hope you enjoyed these pictures and updates! I'm toggling between baby and fashion on this blog which is totally a resemblance of what is going on in my life! Thank you for following along and feel free to ask me anything both here or via Instagram DM!

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  1. I never knew about the weightloss part. That's pretty amazing that works like it does

  2. Amiga, you look amazing and doing a fantastic job!! He is so precious. Take lots of videos and photos because I promise you, you will miss these moments.

    xo, J


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