Baby's 1st Christmas Tree Picking!

One of the benefits about having the baby right before Christmas is that we get to celebrate "baby's 1st" Holiday events, the downside is that he is so little he won't remember anything (lol), but he will look adorable in pictures! The hubby and I have made it our tradition to go get our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and make a festive moment out of it, as you can see here, here, and here. At my baby shower, one of our family friends gave me the CUTEST newborn outfit that was perfect for our Christmas Tree Shopping Adventure. To get in the spirit, the hubby and I coordinated in plaid to capture this memorable occasion. 
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This was only about 2 weeks after giving birth, so I did have to go up in size for the plaid top and had to stick to leggings! I was never really a leggings person, but as my body heals and the bump disappears (tear), they have been my salvation!
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About Baby's Outfit: Plaid Onesie, Newborn Denim Pants and Suspenders (3-pc. set) | Newborn boots (sold out, but similar here)

We are only 5 days away from Christmas and since I've been super busy tending to my 1 month old baby, I haven't been able to produce as much Holiday content as I have in previous years. I'm definitely sharing as much as I can (when baby naps) on Instagram and Instastories (@lilbitsofpau), make sure you follow along there! Hope you are all having a great Holiday season!

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  1. That is so exciting! The pictures turned out super cute :)

  2. I do miss real trees, you can't recreate that smell. Though they try with those smelly stick ornaments. But I don't have a truck, so I can't easily haul it to the house and then to the dumb after Christmas. So we just have a fake tree.


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