Brunch Outfit & 30 weeks pregnant update!

Ever since I regained my appetite from the dreadful first trimester, I have been obsessed with brunch dates! Eggs, pancakes and hot chocolate with lots of whip cream have kept baby and I very happy! On this day, we took my mom out for a nice birthday brunch at Candela's by the Bay in Coronado's ferry landing. Since I wanted to look cute, but still be comfortable with my belly pre & post brunch, this Tiffany Rose "Tilly Shift" Maternity Dress was perfect!
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Pregnancy Update (30-34 weeks):

I figure I would toss in a pregnancy update here since you can totally tell I'm just getting larger by the post and some of you seem to like reading these. Around week 30-31, I got ready for work, put my usual nude work flats on and went to the office. While at the office, I literally felt like I had partied all night in high heels as my feet swelled up and crunched in my flats as the day went on. When I asked the Dr. he told me it was totally normal to have cankles at this stage (lol and sadness at the same time) so I ended up going to Target and trying on bigger flats until I landed on these, 1.5 sizes bigger than my normal size!

I've also had insomnia episodes where I wake up at 2am and can't seem to go back to sleep! There's been 3 occasions where I literally lay in bed, feel baby moving all over the place and hear my 5am alarm clock go off and feel like I didn't even hit R.E.M.! I survived the first 2 times at work (I guess I'm prepping myself for life with no sleep and a baby) but the 3rd time I waved the white flag and went home early. 

Baby has also been moving hard! At this point in pregnancy, I have to do "kick counts" making sure baby is moving at least 10 times in 2 hours, twice a day. Luckily this baby just kicks all day long so he passes the test right away, but as time goes on I can feel little arms or feet or a butt or a head... it's the weirdest yet best part! 

I also feel like after week 30 time is just flying by, we are running out of time and we have so much to do! The hubby painted the nursery, I got all of the guest room stuff out and now it's PACKED with baby things (thanks to the generosity of all my baby shower guests). I washed my first load of newborn baby clothes and it's still a trip that an actually baby will be filling up these tiny little clothes. Right now, the hubby and I are doing these baby classes, like baby CPR, tomorrow we are doing a maternity tour of where I'll be delivering, I started my maternity leave documentation (the most confusing process ever) and we still have a few other classes from here until the due date - in other words, if baby comes early we are screwed! Current countdown: 6 weeks to go!

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