Casually strolling into 2017

Happy 1st blog post of 2017! I'm going to start 2017 with a super casual and comfy look because 2017 is like that quote about life, where it's a marathon, not a sprint! I have so many goals that rolled over from last year and some new ones that I am working at like the little engine that could (I'm just full of quotes and analogies ain't I?) In other news, hello The Bachelor! Who else is watching that train wreck of a show? If you're wondering why that show is still on the air, it's because of people like me who just want to rest their brains from thinking and have a good laugh at the expense of these ridiculous people on tv, sorry!

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Ok let's bring it back to the outfit! Recently most of my day to day involves casual outfits for the office, for errands for meeting up with friends and this one is one that is heavily in rotation. The sweater keeps me totally warm and the boots have become my newest obsession because the block heel makes the boot comfy!

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Pictures by fellow blogger Laura Neuzeth

So with that I give you my first casual outfit of 2017! There are so many blog-related goals I have written down so I hope that you'll enjoy the many changes and improvements coming to this site. I also have so many events lined up in January and I'd like for you to join me virtually so make sure you follow both on Snapchat (username: lilbitsofpau) and Instagram Stories). And lastly, there not one but TWO giveaways currently going on, but hurry up because they are ending soon! here and here!

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  2. those boots are so cool! love! xO!



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