My 2016 Blog Highlights

Oh 2016 you were quite a year! On a blog and personal front I would say that it has been a good, productive and thought-provoking year.

Among my biggest accomplishments this year, I feel like I finally struck a work-blog-life balance which is the main struggle I have had since launching this blog. I have always had a 40 hour+ career and I always felt very unstable when it came to my time management. In 2014 we bought a house and started planning our wedding, 2015 was all wedding planning and now 2016 I finally felt like I could finally focus on the things I love.

Blog Highlights:

My Latina Magazine feature! Seeing myself in a magazine that I grew up reading and that I identify with was awesome! Going to Barnes & Noble and opening up a Latina Magazine to a picture of me was truly an eye watering experience. They even gave my husband photo credit which was super sweet!
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Going to Los Angeles and Boston with cabi was also a highlight. cabi has been an amazing company/brand to work with because they have believed in me and entrusted me with these cool assignments (like doing the intro to their online fashion show broadcast). I was already blown away with their clothes, but then I learned the dynamics that make cabi such a great company when they invited me to cabi Blogger Day in their home office and I felt overall blessed to be working with such a great company.

Then it has been a highlight to expand blogging beyond fashion and into lifestyle like working with Toyota and Lexus. I've been dipping my toes into lifestyle blogging all of these years but this year I finally embraced these types of assignments because they organically fit with what I'm doing on my down time- baseball games and football games! I also am excited for my next assignment/mini trip with Toyota which I'll share mid- January!
Since I found fellow bloggers in San Diego I have established great friendships, but this year that circle has expanded to what feels like a blogging family. It's always great to be around girls who want to see other girls succeed and are simply humble which sadly can be challenging to find in the age of social media. There is nothing more awesome than getting to know people for who they are and not what their instagram looks like.

As you all my know by now, I love my hometown of San Diego and supporting local businesses is near and dear to my heart. This year I was able to collaborate with local boutiques like Miss Match, La Femme Chic Consignment Boutique and The Headquarters to name a few. I also was named Top 4 of the Best San Diego Fashion Bloggers for VisitPB.com and 7 San Diego Fashion Bloggers you should follow for ThereSanDiego.com

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year's eve and welcome 2017 with open arms! 
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  1. My video game magazine I read growing up did caption contests. I got my comments printed about 4 or five times. That feeling of seeing something you wrote in an actual magazine is incredible even if it was something tiny. I'm sure you felt the same way.

    Shame most magazines have gone under due to the online age.


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