Sleek and Simple

Simple pieces tend to be the most versatile, case and point: this dress that you might recognize from the previous post. I restyled it with just a vest and accessories for a simple sleek look!

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Neutral Monochromatic

It's rare when I don't wear an ounce of black, but after styling this look I loved how it looked effortless. Instead of going with my usual go-to black heels, I paired it with rose gold heels and accessories to match that kept the look light and refreshing. Knowing that now, I'm stocking up on rose gold accessories to refresh other outfits like I did with this one! In my rose-gold hunting session I compiled some cool items, that I have shared with y'all at the end of this post.

Neutral Monochromatic, San Diego Fashion Blogger, Blush and beige outfit, Spring neutrals


Berry Classy

Time for a pop of color around this ol' blog of mine and today it's courtesy of this berry-colored Karina Dress! I have talked about Karina Dresses before (here and here) and I continue to vouch for the comfort of these dresses.
Berry and Dot Dress, San Diego Fashion Blogger, what to wear to a wedding, what to wear to a cocktail party


Pink Lace Dress

The combination of light pink, florals and lace make my girly heart pitter patter! Flashback to last year when I was looking for a dress to wear for my engagement pictures, I had visions of a light pink lace dress that looked sophisticated. Regrettably, at that time I wasn't aware of Chicwish, so I opted for a pink sequin dress, but how I wish I could put this dress in a time machine and send it to my engagement picture session! 
Pink Lace Dress, blush lace dress, pink floral heels, san diego fashion blogger, Spring 2016 pastel outfit


White Flowy Casual

Another Monday, another casual jean outfit post! Today I'll let the outfit explain itself and dedicate my text portion to what happened this weekend. In case you don’t follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, I fulfilled a dream this weekend attending the #SuperSoulSessions at UCLA. I had the opportunity to see Oprah Winfrey live which has been something that I thought I would never be able to do when her show went off the air! I had flashbacks of being a 20-something woman trying to make it in adulthood and her shows were the only ones that resonated with me because I felt like they spoke to me (battle with weight, debt, spirit, etc). Her quotes are the ones that hit me like the one I live by “When you do your best, people notice”. Oprah had a slew of speakers to blow our minds, and THAT they did. The sessions will be up on supersoul.tv in the future, however let me know if you would be interested in a separate post all about the experience!
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Spring Wedding Guest

Spring is here which means wedding season is around the corner! I don't want to limit this look to just weddings because I also think this would be a perfect outfit for an elegant bridal shower, baby shower, or brunch (like they have here in San Diego at The Westgate hotel).
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Knit and Fringe

Happy Monday friends! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was wonderful in a productive sense where I got a lot of to-do's checked off including shooting lots of cool Spring outfits with my blogger friends (hint: some very girly Spring pastels are coming up!) For now I wanted to showcase my love for comfortable over-sized knits like this one that make it easy to toss on and go. I find that the trick is to pair it up with all fitted items to avoid looking like a knitted blob. On another note, it was nice to meet up with a couple of blogger friends to do a mini Spring photo shoot, definitely check them out below to see the outfits we shot for them!
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March Outfit and Life Recap

Good bye March, Hello April!

March felt pretty mellow- a little too mellow for my taste since I am typically in a frenzy of some sort. I attended a few blogger events here in San Diego including an awesome brunch with some fabulous ladies that reminded me of how essential bouncing off ideas from fellow bloggers is! It also got me thinking about going to a blogger conference again to get my ideas flowing, more on that below...

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