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As Winter nears, so does its cold elements (brrrr) and whether you are indoors or outdoors your skin gets affected. For me, my hands always take the brunt with signs of chapping and cracking due to the winds, heater, cleaning, running, etc.

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Out of the countless remedies and lotions out there I chose NEUTROGENA® NORWEGIAN FORMULA® Hand Cream because it specializes in the worse of dry hands offering lasting relief and not to mention that it comes from the trusted brand NEUTROGENA®.

Fun fact: This formula was originally developed in Norway for Arctic fishermen who needed to protect their hands from some of the harshest cold weather! Although we are not in the Arctic, you can trust that this cream will definitely withstand the weather conditions we are dealt with.

I put this hand cream through a 7 day test where for the past week, I have diligently applied it in the morning and evening, leaving me with instant relief. I have also started to notice that aside from preventing chapping, the smaller cracks in my skin (that were created mainly by the central air system in the office) are diminishing. It has even made my cuticles healthier and therefore making my manicure more pretty.

The great thing about this hand cream is that it is light, non-greasy and fast absorbing because one of my biggest pet peeves of hand lotions is the greasy/oily factor that prevents me to getting back to typing away or leaves my hands feeling sticky.

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This hand cream is now a must-have in my purse to ensure that my hands are always looking fresh! This small size is perfect as an on-the-go item or for keeping it in my car. If you are looking to try it, click here for more info on where to get it.

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