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Wedding season is in full swing and as I start to plan a wedding of my own, my eyes and ears are very receptive to the latest wedding fashion trends. 

I have recently stumbled upon Review Australia an online store filled with not only every day to formal wear, but also an array of bridesmaid dresses.
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Even though pastels and florals tend to be more popular during springtime, I simply adore the pastel hues all year round as they ooze romanticism and whimsy like the ones pictured above. I love the flowyness of the maxi dresses, but also the lace detailing on the short cocktail dresses.
And can we talk about this gorgeous floral one? This one breaks the traditional one colored bridesmaid frock, in an elegant way of course.
Floral bridesmaid dress
But if you're looking to be a sexy bridesmaid, they also have the bold colored dresses!
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Whether pastel, floral or bold, one thing I learned from being a bridesmaid of a very considerate bride was when she picked a dress that could be used after the wedding, that's right a versatile bridesmaid dress (you all know I love versatility!). I hope to do the same with my bridesmaids. and if you would like that too, these dresses can easily go from bridesmaid to a post wedding night out by adding different accessories or layering pieces! If you want to see more of what Review Bridesmaid Dresses offers make sure to visit them here!

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  1. I love bridesmaid dresses too. The lilac one is my favorite.

    Xo Miriam

  2. I do like the idea of a short floral cocktail dress and breaking tradition :). I'm sure the one you pick will be fashion forward.

    Spanish Muse

  3. I love #1 and #4 from the collage. Lovely dresses!!


  4. Because I was here for a wedding, I am not sure about their regular layout, but the wedding decor was just phenomenal. The dining hall was attached to a beautiful reception room.
    weddings venue


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