The LuckyFabb West Recap

Karolina Kurkova at LuckyFabb, lil bits of chic with celebrity
LuckyFabb West 2014 was my third LuckyFabb which started feeling like Cheers- where everybody knows your name! I love that I bump into the LuckyFabb regulars like my girl Miki from Canada, the most stylish man at LuckyFabb Javone, and my beloved Daisy with who I roomed with (along with Dainty Jea), only to name a few. For me, getting to meet and see style bloggers from all over the world makes the conference.
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San Diego Style Bloggers at LuckyFabb, SDStyleBloggers, San Diego Fashion Bloggers
LuckyFabb bloggers mingling
As for what I learned at LuckyFabb- oh yes, that. I know that at these conferences we won't be handed the key to success but we are treated to small "aha's" that may help us take our blogs to the next level. Most importantly Lucky Mag puts together an amazing roster of celebrities and inspiring people to come and speak to us about their journey.
GIvenchy floral blazer, Nicole Richie at LuckyFabb
First up, a purple-haired Nicole Richie. I knew that Nicole Richie would be entertaining and charismatic (and she was) but the girl that won my heart over was Sophia Amoruso the head and creator of Nasty Gal. Anybody who creates a multi-million dollar business from starting on ebay and with a name that I'm scared to google on my work (monitored) computer gets my respect! She has a new book coming out appropriately named "#GirlBoss" which I'm super excited to read since her personality on stage was both hilarious and relateable.
Sophia Amoruso at LuckyFabb, Sophia Amoruso Nasty Gal pink shoes
Then we had break out sessions which are usually reserved for Day 2, but this time they exhausted us by holding it all in one day! My first session was "The New Look of Digital" with Cassandra Grey (founder of innovative website Violet Grey) and January Jones her cover story model- hello, check these stunning pictures here. For a Mad Men super fan like me, seeing Betty in person was such a treat, however she was mainly quiet during the session, but hey, her outfit was so on point!
Cassandra Grey and January Jones, January Jones Outfit, January Jones at LuckyFabb
My next session was "Next level personal style" with a star packed panel: Super model Karolina Kurkova, successful blogger Aimee Song and celebrity stylist Heidi Bivens. When Aimee said that she gets inspired by others/trends but she puts her spin to it and adapts it to her silhouette- I totally nodded in agreement. Meanwhile, Karolina did a 10 second pose-off as Eva told her what to model for- we all sat in amazement!
Aimee Song at LuckyFabb, Karolina Kurkova at LuckyFabb, Heidi Bivens at Luckyfabb
For the third break out session I chose a topic I have been very curious about: Agent 101 with Chriselle, Olivia and Shea. Chriselle and Shea shared their positive experiences of working with an agent to steer their careers, while Olivia candidly opened up about choosing to let go of having an agent after she felt it wasn't a good fit for her. My takeaway from this session was that even if you have an agent, always take the time to foster a relationship with the companies inquiring and let your agents handle those difficult money conversations and negotiations.
Fashion Blogger Agent 101, Chriselle Lim Agent 101, Chriselle at LuckyFabb, Peace love shea at luckyfabb, Peace love shea agent 101
After a mini cocktail party (where I started feeling tingly with all the champagne), I arrived late to the closing session with Coco Rocha. She talked about her efforts to get rights for underage models (serious) and then she lightened the convo when she explained why she disliked #selfies?!
Coco rocha at luckyfabb, Coco rocha doesn't like selfies, coco rocha in white
Dear Coco, I love you but you can't deny this awesome #selfie of Eva Chen and I:
Selfie with Eva Chen
What made this LuckyFabb EXTRA Fab was the company of my San Diego Style Bloggers and oh boy did we roll deep! I love that our group seemed to welcome anybody who wanted to join in in the smiles and fun company of a great mix of characters (us)... because remember #youCANsitwithus!
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  1. Great recap Pau! I was plesantly suprised that the two people I felt had the most personality were actually models lol I am now obsessed withCoco Rocha & Karolína Kurková.

    I say we start planning for a #SDSB NY LuckyFabb takeover ;P


  2. This looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing!


  3. You looked fabulous! the event looked like a lot of fun! I love your pink dress!


  4. It was so great to finally meet you ! Amazing recap! Until we meet again
    xoxo Miss Erin

  5. SD Bloggers were theee Bomb!


  6. We had an amazing time! You & Daisy were awesome roommates! So much fun.

    xo, Jea

  7. Yay SD Style Bloggers!!! :) I would love to go one year! Looks like so much fun!! <3



  8. This looks like an awesome event! I'm glad you had a great time!


  9. Hey Pau, looks like you had fun! Wish I can attend one of these events one day!!!

    I am finally back to blogging!!

  10. I loved your pictures and recap Pau! It was such a fun weekend. Hopefully it'll happen again next year. :-)



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