Ball So Hard

This lightweight varsity-esque bomber jacket seemed like the perfect piece to roam around downtown San Diego on our day off. Coincidentally, we ended up at Petco Park (home of the San Diego Padres) which served as the perfect backdrop to this outfit! Converse + bomber jacket + Fitbit wristband to track my steps, all I was missing was my black on black team hat!
black and white varsity jacket, black and white bomber jacker women, baseball game outfit


Pink Coat, The Return of

It boggles my mind that this coat sat unworn in my closet for about 7 years and BOOM the pink coat craze arrived. I'm still in shock that I hadn't donated it, especially because my closet is prime real estate around here, but I kept it around because I thought it was a rare find (and of course on sale when I bought it).

Obvi I have excitedly worn it here and here, but as I watched fashionistas everywhere rocking their pastel coats, the idea of combining the pink coat with another one of my favorite trends (windowpane) arose. 
How to wear a pink trench coat
Reworking My Closet by lilbitsofchic.com


Touch of Pilotto for Target

When Peter Pilotto for Target hit the store I had to grab a piece of the  designer collaboration pie, but I got carried away with the hype and over-purchased! When my package finally arrived, I decided to only keep two pieces: this top and this skirt mainly because I felt those were the most versatile pieces. One thing I will say about the cotton tops in these collaborations (like the one I got from the Prabal Gurung collab) is that they are super comfortable and light-weight!
Peter Pilotto for Target Top Outfit


Spring Trends with Neiman Marcus {& VIDEO}

As I mentioned in my last post, I attended the Spring 2014 Trend Report hosted by Neiman Marcus Fashion Valley and styled by their in-house Style Advisor, Alex Yáñez. Well ladies, get ready to drool! Here are some of my absolute faves and a breakdown of the trends. Also I put together the video at the end with footage, Alex giving styling tips on the trends and of course, the food!

"From blush to anything but shy"



Reworking the Panel Dress for Breakfast

The Neiman Marcus Spring 2014 Trend Report is proof that time flies because I feel like I was just raving about their Fall Report! As always, NM Fashion Valley (and their in-house Style Advisor, Alex Yáñez) pull out all the stops to convey the beautiful trends via amazing clothes from Stella McCartney, Saint Laurent, Valentino, to name a few.

It also feels like just yesterday I said that this paneled dress "can easily be transitioned into Fall by adding a blouse and tights under the dress." Well I didn't add the tights because the weather has been oddly warm around here, but I did change up the dress and also created another episode of "Reworking my Closet"! Here is what I wore for the breakfast/brunch:
outfit for breakfast at Neiman Marcus

what I wore for breakfast at Neiman Marcus Fashion Valley


What to Wear Wine Tasting

Oh Wine, how much I love thee- which is why I said "sign me up!" when the opportunity to go wine tasting came up. Aall In Limo graciously drove a few of us bloggers in their super cool limo bus to a couple of wineries in Temecula (about 45 minutes away from San Diego).

What to wear wine tasting? Flat and/or comfortable shoes are a must because there is walking during the tours and standing during the tastings. When you are walking the vineyards, you may be walking in dirt, therefore you want to steer clear of wearing heels. I recommend layering because part of the tour may be outdoors and also, let's be honest, you may get warm when consuming alcoholic beverages, so layering on/off is essential.
what to wear wine tasting


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Not only am I celebrating love and friendship, but I'm bringing you another installment of "Reworking my Closet" (last seen here). Not only am I saving money by reworking items in my closet, but I'm also testing my creativity. This outfit is pretty much a remix of some of my most recent V-day Outfits and I loved how it all came together (even the dress under the full skirt).
Forever 21 rose print dress
reworking my closet
See Full Outfits: Drop Earrings | Rose Dress | Full Skirt | Strap Heels


3 Valentine's Day Looks {VIDEO}

We are 2 days away from Valentine's Day and I wanted to bring you a recap in the form of a lookbook video! I will be trying to bring you more outfit videos on my YouTube Channel here so please don't forget to subscribe! I'm also hoping that my video editing skills improve (lol)- wish me luck!

See Mobile Version here!
Thanks for watching!

☮ & ,


Back to Black Valentine

Dressing up for Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all about the pinks and reds, and it doesn't have to be about a significant other either. After all, before being in a relationship I spent many Valentine's Days making it a girls night out- and those were a lot of fun too!

Today I bring you my Valentine's Day Girls Night Outfit- all black with pops of luxe gold. The goal here is to turn some heads which was validated by two dudes yelling "woo" out of their car window as they drove by. Tangent: Why do guys do that? The effort they take to roll down the window and holler at me as they drive by 30 mph only to be completely ignored by me, I simply don't get it. Now back to the outfit:



Whimsical Vday Outfit

What can I say other than I have been hit with the Valentine's Day Outfit bug? Totally changing directions from my previous V-day outfit idea, I bring you a romantic and whimsical outfit- after all fashion is all about versatility!

I knew I had to get this high waist full skirt as soon as I saw it because of that sheer panel that makes it look lady like yet edgy, however if you are more demure (like I usually am) and want more coverage they sell the same skirt without the peek-a-boo factor here. I added touches of pink and glitter to give it that extra girly and romantic feel.
Express high waist full skirt with sheer panel


Rockin' Valentine

It's the beginning of February, the super bowl is happily behind us and the red and pink lovey dovey stuff has flooded every store! Well, I'm not going to lie, I love it because it's not only about celebrating my love for my significant other but also my love for friends and family- in Spanish Valentine's Day is "el dia del amor y la amistad" (translation: day of love and friendship).

This rose dress oozed Valentine's, but instead of pairing it with pumps I decided to give it an edgy twist with this studded jacket and booties. The pairing allows it to be worn to either date night or drink with the gals!
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