Cabo Catch-Up

I can't believe I had not shared these pictures with you all from my trip to Cabo, Mexico! The bf and I were in desperate need of a beach vacation and Cabo did not disappoint- the beach and views were incredible!

We had no phone service and very limited wifi (only 90 minutes a day in the lobby) which allowed us to really live in the moment, talk to people, read books and just enjoy life without being buried in our phones. It was a rare but awesome sight to see that no one in the resort was on their phones, everyone was forced to put them away- that is what I call a true vacation!
Cabo Outfit


Romantic Birthday Dinner

It's funny that in my 20's my birthdays were spectacles (Syrah Wine Parlor, Side Bar, hello Vegas!) but now in my 30's it is all about the food! By coincidence and luck, it happened to be San Diego Restaurant Week so the boyfriend and I had an amazing 3 course meal at The Oceanaire Restaurant in downtown for a great price. They were also super thoughtful when they found out it was my birthday and gave me a personalized menu (with my name!) and "Baked Alaska" a delicious minty ice cream presented with a flame.

For dinner I wore a dress I was saving for Spring, but felt it was appropriate for the nights paired with a black blazer with some hot pink accents.
san diego restaurant week oceanaire


Sporty Spice

I have a confession: I hate working out and I love food, a problem that I am desperately trying to tackle. I used to be super into the gym (pilates, spin, yoga, you name it), but back then my motivation was to look good while I was partying- hey, I'm being 100% honest! Yes, I know that being healthier should be motivation enough, but why do I keep falling into the same pitfalls (excuses, not enough time, lack of energy, etc)? I have convinced myself that maybe if I start tracking EVERYTHING it will compel (even shock me) to start making changes.

Enter the tracking device. I decided to compare the leading tracking bands Nike Fuel, Up 24 and Fitbit and after researching the benefits I decided to purchase the Fitbit Force because aside from tracking my activity, it can monitor my sleep (that I need more of) and allow me to enter my food intake. Plus, I was super excited when I found out while doing my research that Tory Burch will be designing a Fitbit due to come out in April. I just started using it during the weekend and sure enough I have been determined to get more steps in than the day before.
Walking around San Diego



Happy Friday! If you follow me on Instagram, you have been seeing snippets of my life so far in 2014, from mourning the loss of my dog to celebrating my birthday to changing my manicures- but one thing missing from those "insta-pics" that has been prominent this year is how much I have been working on my 9 to 5.

Lately, I have been fighting the struggle for that balance because although I LOVE and have a passion for my blog, I also love my day job. I am also struggling to prioritize my health and fitness in the whole equation that limits us to having only 24 hours a day. There are a lot of goals that I have set for myself in 2014, and although I have already encountered so many roadblocks in the first 24 days, I feel determined to get back on the horse of living life, staying present and keep the hustle rollin'... If you have any tips feel free to share them with me in the comments box below!
Have a great weekend!
☮ & ,


Stripes Ahead

New Year, New Work Wardrobe- that was my boyfriend's resolution and I, of course, tagged along for the shopping. Here is what I wore to walk around at the mall and to wait (and wait and wait) for him to shop- flats and comfy jeans were essential! While shopping for him, I gave in and bought myself something. Where one resolution gets accomplished, another gets thrown to the wayside!
what to wear to go shopping


$410 Valentine's Day Cash Giveaway!

Let's start off the week right with a fabulous $410 Valentine's Day Cash Giveaway in collaboration with the gorgeous bloggers listed below! 

Stilettos & Sequins / Lil Bits of Chic / Visions of VogueValentine's Day Giveaway
This giveaway is open internationally! For chances to enter, click the rafflecopter below- the more entries, the more chances to win this amazing prize! Giveaway ends in 2 weeks.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good Luck!



Gold and White Office

Gold and White Office Supplies have been all the rage lately and I can't help but be obsessed with this sleek combination (as you can see I have been pinning it like crazy). It oozes girly and chicness without having to use the usual color pink. Don't get me wrong, I love pink too, but white and gold seems more grown up and probably won't bother your significant other as much *wink* Here are some of my favorite Gold and White Office Supplies that can instantly add chicness to your office!

☮ & ,


Houndstooth Pants

What I love about my area of San Diego is that even though it's far from the hustle and bustle of downtown, the serenity is comforting. Especially during a time like this, coping with the loss of my dog, some days are easier than others and days like today were very hard. Instead of throwing myself into work, which is what I have been doing to cope, I decided to dress up and find one of the many peaceful crevices of my neighborhood. Afterwards, I hung out with my photographer of the day (my sister) and the kids which reminded me how blessed I am to have such loving people in my life.
forever 21 houndstooth pants


Tweed and Gold

Save Money. That's one of my goals coming in to the New Year especially when it comes to clothes. For one, my closet is totally out of space and two, I think it's time I tame that clothing budget! Who's with me on this? For starters, I intend to save money by reworking my closet, which in essence is getting creative with what you already have. So here is a little something I "reworked"- an outfit perfect for happy hour.
rework your closet
Forever21 tweed blazer with gold studs



Losing a pet is such a deep pain, which is why I haven't blogged since the New Year. I just wanted to drop by and leave a quick note about my dear Chaweenie's passing. She was so ingrained in my boyfriend and I's life that along with our other dog Coco completed our little family. She was smart (knew what ball, toy, give me five was) and she was vibrant, sassy and a major cuddle buddy. She came into our lives very unexpectedly when she approached me at a random trip to my mom's house. The day I dropped her off at the pound hoping her owners would claim her, I cried because in just 2 days of having her I was attached. Since her first owners didn't claim her, she went up for adoption so my boyfriend suggested we should adopt her, because she would get lost in the sea of dogs waiting to get adopted, so we did- she was so happy!

Oh man, this is getting really hard to write. My baby girl was not acting like herself recently and we didn't think the worse, we thought she was simply dehydrated so we took her to the vet on January 1, 2014. The vet bluntly gave us horrific news and everything after that just snowballed downwards. The next 3 days were some of the worse days of my life- I'll spare the details, but her suffering came to a close January 4. It's been really hard, sometimes I feel like I failed her, I question myself, I've been a zombie and quite frankly I feel uninspired. I have been through tragedies in my life before, so I know that it takes time and I will feel inspired again, but as of right now I just wanted to let you guys know that I didn't abandon my blog, I quite simply hit a rough patch.

Rest in Peace Chaweenie. I will always love you.

PS. Thank you for all of the messages on Instagram, Twitter, etc- It really does help to read such beautiful things.

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