10 Things Insta-Update

We're almost to the freakin' weekend, cheers to that! yey-yah!
A few exciting things that I wanted to update you on using 10 of my most current Instagrams :)
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1. I was ecstatic to be featured on Glamour.com's Slaves to Fashion showing how I wore leather!
See it here!
2. One of my posts was on the Lucky Contributors home page for about 3 days! It was like if I was the greeter for visitors! Check out my latest contribution here!

3. The lovely Silvia from AboutPrettyThings.com sent me these gorgeous chain bracelets from her Etsy Shop! You can enter to win them here!
4. This past Saturday, fellow blogger Tammy, invited me to a SoCal Blogger Meet up at Urban Skin Care in Little Italy where they had discounted spa services. It was so nice to meet bloggers from San Diego!
5. Here I was volunteering for Fashion Week San Diego's street team at the Sassy City Chicks event in downtown. I can't wait for FWSD which is in October, but tickets are on sale here!
6. These are 2 amazing clutches from local designer feNa! Kellyn, the designer, was an architect who turned that design experience into fashion. Check her out here!
7. Last week I had the pleasure of attending the National conference for the company I work for. The guest speaker that day was James Cameron! After a great montage introduction (the scenes from Titanic and Avatar gave me chills), my take-away from his stories were that he always pushes the envelope. He thinks beyond the possible and makes things get created so that his vision comes to life. Did you know he wrote Avatar in 1995 and waited for the technology to develop enough for him to make the movie?
8. My mom took me to DD's Discounts which I was informed is a chain by Ross and it was like finding a treasure! I found all of these pieces for below $19.99! Gotta love my mom!
9. Got a manicure Monday and it still looks like this! No chips yet!
It's holding up pretty well!!
10. Cheering on the Mexico team for the soccer Olympics...
 it was history in the making, we won GOLD and yes I shed tears just to think how happy & proud my parents and my raza was!

Thank you for reading!
☮ & ♥,

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  1. ur raza haha so gangster lol.. awww yay congrats doll very well deserved

  2. Great accomplishments! I love the jewelry too!


  3. i totally love ur blog and WOW! didn't know James Cameron waited that long! thanks for sharing and I loved your recent supplies from DD's discounts lol I loved your outfit simple and chic!

  4. Congrats on the features! I saw you on the Lucky page and voted. :) I love those chain bracelets too. Super cute! And it must have been amazing seeing James Cameron. I saw Titanic so many times when it first came out and then I just went in April for the 3D showing. <3


  5. Woww unas compritas preciosas! Y en el post anterior me encanto la blusa peplum <3


  6. Congrats on being published on those magazines! What a great week and I have seen DD's deiscotns here but I have not gone inside of it. I love those pants so maybe I need to get my butt in there for some good deals like the ones your mom scored.

  7. Congrats on all your success thus far :) These are all great pics!


  8. oh wow, congrats on the feature!




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