My Fashion Blogger Business Cards

My blog's business cards arrived today... 
Why have a business card for a blog you ask?
After attending a couple of events I was asked about 3 times for a business card. Since I didn't have one, I verbally told them about my blog and realized, they would probably NOT remember it by the time they got home! 

So I curiously googled "blogger business cards" when I got home. The most helpful article of them all was this one: What to Put on a Business Card from The Blogger Business Card Showcase. For me a business card, other than for advertising purposes, is a great tool in networking with other bloggers, merchants and other people I may want to collaborate with.

I experimented with both Vista Print and U Printing and went with www.Uprinting.com because they had a user-friendly business card creator where you can see a 360 degree preview before printing. They had so many great tools that allowed me to make my business card from scratch!!

To put a picture or not? that was the question
After looking at other fashion blogger business cards, I saw that many had an outfit picture on one side because, after all, that's what we do... outfit pics. After sleeping on it, I decided to just tie in my blog's header as the focal point of the business card, because what if my outfit goes out of style when I'm handing these out?! Plus it's good to maintain uniformity from your blog, to your other networks as a way of branding. 
QR reader
I thought it was a great idea to include a QR code on the card (plus it made me feel futuristic). That way anyone can scan it with their smart phone and read your blog on their phone. I used www.QRstuff.com to generate my QR code for free.

After experimenting with placement, pictures, etc my main goal was to put as much information on the card without making it look cluttered, so this is what I came up with. I hope you like it and I hope that this post is helpful to you :)

Do you have a business card for your blog??
I would love to see it and keep it my rolladex! Tweet it to me!! @lilbitsofpau

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  1. amazing idea! i love the design of your card

  2. Wow so juiced about this I am totally going to make one, so should we also do an extra business card if we also do make-up what you think? Love the card its super cool.
    Much love xoxo

  3. Nice card I've been in the process of making mine! Lol

  4. They look great! I love how you added the QR code, what a great idea.

  5. Really good idea, I like how you've designed them they look very chic! Amazing.


  6. Very informative post-especially the tip about the QR code.

  7. I love them,the design is superb

  8. Awesome idea and great design!


  9. Yeah, I ordered them, but the husband claims he put them somewhere inside the house... =( -Jessica


  10. You are a genius! Great idea and thanks for share it! Your blog will be successful after this idea! Wishing you the best Pau!


  11. great cards! I just ordered more myself. I have some for hair and makeup and I just added the title blogger to it and my website. I like having the code on it..Ill have to do it next batch of cards. I used vistaprint...but I really wanna order from moo.com for cards.


  12. These are great tips and it's such a good idea to have these because like you said they are so handy at events when people ask about your blog. I have cards but want to re-design them so this is really helpful!

    Thanks Pau


  13. This is really helping me out because I have been wanting to get business cards for my fashion blog and had no idea what to include! Where did you get the icons for email & facebook to include? Thanks!


    1. Awesome :) the icons are jpegs that I got from google, by googling facebook/ twitter icons... I just looked for the same ones and made them tiny on the card, lined it up next to the info. Hope that helps!

  14. awesome i love:-)

  15. Great info! I love your business cards! :)

  16. I've been looking into making some business cards but am having the hardest time having any creative rights on them!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  17. Today's distinct plastic material company plastic business cards can be amazing very little works of art way too. You need to use virtually any coloration within the sunshine as well as incorporate your own emblem as well as virtually any pattern you'll be able to imagine.

  18. Its a great idea to have a business card for your blog, especially being that as a blogger, you will be getting invited to events and people will ask. Business cards actually opens doors for asking questions and meeting new persons!

    Great choice Paulina


  19. here is very nice picture i like it.Full color business cards completely remarkable!!plastic business cards

  20. I love the design and that's a fantastic idea to put a scan code on your card. I would have never thought of that. Thanks for the informative sharing!

  21. So happy I stumbled upon this post while I was reading your blog! I've been thinking about making new business cards for my beauty blog on Moo and never thought about adding a QR code, thanks so much for posting this :)

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