*flashback* Last year's Christmas

Happy Wednesday! We are 4 days away from Christmas (ahhh!). As I finish the last of the Christmas shopping, I wanted to show you pictures of last year's Christmas. Every year I theme my tree and match the gift wrapping to it (learned that from my mom). So last year, I turned my Tiffany & Co boxes into ornaments and mixed it with silver ornaments, snowflakes and pearl garlands. I was fortunate enough to find matching giftwrapping paper at Target, so I added a white ribbon and voila!

Feliz miércoles! Quedan 4 días para Navidad (ahhh!). Mientras acabo lo último de las compras de Navidad quería mostrarles fotos de la Navidad del año pasado. Cada año, el tema de mi árbol cambia y envuelvo los regalos con papel que le quede al tema (lo aprendí de mi madre). Así que el año pasado, converti las cajas de Tiffany & Co en adornos y lo mezcle con adornos de plata, los copos de nieve perlas. Tuve la suerte de encontrar el papel de regalo en Target, y le agrege la cinta blanca como las cajitas de Tiffany y ¡voilá!

About the Outfit:
Black Top/ Blusa negra: Bebe
Red Satin Skirt/ falda: Forever 21 (old)
Shoes/ Zapatos: Steve Madden

Occasion: Christmas Eve (last year)
Ocasión: Noche Buena (año pasado)
Even my dog matched the tree :)

☮ & ♥,

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  1. so cute, love the tree

  2. Look at all those Tiffany boxes!! Adorable tree. Also, your dog is adorable!


  3. What a cool idea! At first I thought your dog was a baby - he had clothes on and was standing on two legs!

  4. OMG, Pau that is the cutest idea. I love the theme and the Tiffany blue is such an unexpected color on the tree that is makes it really chic and of course fashionable. Love how you wrapped your presents last year in the blue too. I would love to copy your theme, but my Tiffany box would have to be the star..only have 1 so far. LOL I hope this Christmas is as nice as last year's. Can't believe it's only 4 days away!

  5. Such a great idea to do with the tree! I love that! I think I may have to incorporate that tradition toO!

    Shasie of Live Life in Style
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  6. @Ebeth- you made me crack up! hee hee, he's my lil baby!
    @Dale- The trick is... one box is 2 ornaments, you make an ornament of the top, and then an ornament of the bottom, just put a white ribbon bow on each!
    @Shasie, Ellie, Tori- THANKS :)!

  7. thanks!! lovely outfit and great pics.. take care x

  8. I loooove that powder blue and matching presents!!! Very icy hehe

  9. Es un árbol precioso !
    cuidado hasta el minimo detalle,
    familia FELIZ NAVIDAD !!



  10. Lovely post!!!
    Cuuute dog!!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas this year!!!
    Will your dog's attire match the tree this time? :-)

  11. cute outfit, tree and dog!!


  12. I love the Tiffany&Co theme you created! It is very pretty! Your mommy must be a very talented and creative lady to think of such themed and matching Christmas decorations! Love it!
    Good luck!


  13. WOW that is a lot of beautiful little blue boxes both on and under the tree.

  14. Wow, this is such a great idea and what a chic decoration!! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  15. Great pictures!Your Christmas tree looked amazing!

  16. cool outfit


  17. I like the way you decorated the tree. I also love what you're wearing, very pretty skirt!

  18. ♥ the tree decoration :) your dog's so cute in dat outfit!!
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