My Bedroom Part 1: Styling Tricks!

Hola! Hope you are all having a great weekend so far. So this marks my first interior design post and what better way to start than with my bedroom!! Obviously my inspiration was Breakfast at Tiffany's!

Accent Wall: I didn't want it to be too theme-y (yes I just made up that word) and I wanted it to look sophisticated. My mom had given me that framed Audrey Hepburn poster so to tie it into the room I made my accent wall Tiffany & Co. green. I took a Tiffany's box down to Home Depot and had them match it but them lighten it a little bit. I tried to maintain symmetry because it made the room look neater and pristine. I did this with the pillows & night stands with the matching lamps.

The Bed:  There's something more grown up about a raised bed, I put mine on risers to make the bed taller by about 4 inches. The Comforters I purchased in separate places, I wanted a simple bed spread as well as some damask pattern for sophistication.
Inspiration Wall: I wanted a wall to display pictures that inspire me, I kept up with black and silver frames to maintain uniformity in the room...
Nightstands: Seeing as I was on a strict budget, I went to Ikea and saw these simple nightstands. The knobs were boring so I purchased these cute Crystal clear door knobs and switched the knobs out!
Lamps: I purchased these lamps on LilianVernon.com, I had seen them in their catalog and when I went to look at them online I saw they were on sale!! I literally purchased both for what one would cost me at Target. The downside about catalog shopping is that you can miscalculate the size. In my case, the lamp shades were too low so I purchased these metal napkin rings for $5 at Marshalls and inserted them to raise the lamp shade. It made them taller by 3 inches :)

I hope you enjoyed my first interior design post... I'm working on showing you the other side of the room next week :)
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  3. really awsome and artistic ideas!

  4. Cool post, like it :D

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  5. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing. And Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.

  6. looks really nice!


  7. I love the decoration in your bedroom! I need to do a huge makeover on my room to update the designs! Great pictures!


  8. that's a freaking gorgeous room darling! xoxo

    i'm not gonna leave my blog address anymore, bleh.. :P

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  10. Wow. great tips!
    thank you for sharing it.
    you gave me some inspiration to decorate :D

    nice to meet you!
    Hello from Indonesia,

  11. so preetty! love all your tips and tricks!

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