2 month Blog-a-versary!

Today is my blog's 2 month anniversary! Like I said in my 1 month blog-a-versary (which was deleted along with all the wonderful comments by blogger in their malfunction days) it feels like I have been blogging for WAY longer!

I have a confession to make... back in 2008 I started a blog with one post and I was SO lost. I was at a time in my life where I was still determining the future of my career and my life, so I ended up deleting the post and not going through with it. Now 3 years later, after having my "safe" career set (by "safe" I mean the one that pays the mortgage and bills) I decided I was lacking a creative outlet in my life. I started painting frantically one night and would share my paintings on facebook but then decided, hey this could be my blog! So I came back and I KNEW in my heart the purpose of this blog. It was going to be my platform and outlet in sharing the chic things I create in my life. From fashion, painting, interior design, photography, travel, hometown and just cool occurrences in my life. Had I known how fun it is for me to share my creations and expressions I would have jumped back into the blogging world a loooong time ago!

Thank you to everyone who "follows" me and to the fellow bloggers who are inspiring. I wish that instead of "follow" the term was "join" because to me you have joined me in my journey to express myself :) So as I still navigate through the journey, I leave you with this inspiration board I made from magazine cutouts about a year and a half ago, when I was searching for love, photography, zen, a bikini body, a dog, a car... Most of those things are in my life now and I feel truly blessed :)

☮ & ♥,
P.S. I gave in and made a Facebook page for da blog... "Like" me HERE :)


  1. well congrats!! 2 month0-soo many followers :) xx how do u do that??

  2. Congrats on completing 2 months!

    Neat post!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

    @MyLyfeMyStory on twitter

  3. hi! just found your blog through blogs by latinas, i'm your newest follower =)


  4. Congratulations for your blog :) We've found it and we love it! you've a new followers and you can visit our blog if you want. It makes us so happy. Kisses from Spain!!!!!

  5. Happy anniversary, honey!And congratulations!xoxo

  6. I love the word 'Blog-a-versary' :) Congratulations babes, you are doing great.
    Thanks for your comments.. I am following you now :)


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