*Flashback* UFC Night in Vegas

Since I just started my blog about 3 months ago, I wanted to have flashback moments to great events in my life. I have a confession to make... I miss Vegas!! So it was only fitting that today's flashback would be one of my favorite Vegas trips back in 2009. I was visiting my best friend that weekend (as I tended to do A LOT in 2009) and it just so happened that her friend hooked her up with tickets to the actual UFC fight. I could barely watch them on tv so I had a knot in my stomach just thinking about what I would see, but I knew I couldn't miss out on going. It actually turned out to be super entertaining and not as gruesome as I imagined *phew* This one was UFC 106 main event: Tito Ortiz vs Forrest Griffith (I know they are at like UFC gazillion by now) Anywho, hope you enjoy my lil trip down memory lane in Vegas :)

About the outfit: Dress: Bebe (which reminds me I haven't worn it since 2009! I need to wear it again)// Knee high boots (DSW, I wore them out!)// Accessories: Forever 21// Inspiration: Beyonce "Diva" song// Attitude: Me :)

One night we stayed at my best friend's house and the other night we got hooked up with a suite at the Trump Tower :) It had an amazing view...
Some Pre-Party action.... Nuvo on the rocks!
@ The Fight :) Love my bff's make up! 
The Afterparty @ XS (LOVE XS!)
Auhh there I was with my good ol' camera *tear*
The panoramic view from the bedroom was amazing :)
Oh yeah and this happened on my trip too :( boo (It's since been fixed)

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Contrasting Colors

Happy Monday Everyone! Today's post is dedicated to this week's "I Challenge You to..." by Flor de Maria Fashion & Nany's Klozet. This week it is  "I challenge you to... Wear Contrasting Colors".

About the outfit: I had to pull out my favorite blazer, the Coral one I bought from Charlotte Russe. I try not to buy items at regular price, but with this blazer I yanked it off the rack as soon as I saw it because I hadn't seen a blazer in that color! The top underneath is a sheer cobalt blue which I picked out from Forever 21 with the intentions of wearing it to the Vegas pools (I'm scheduled to go to Vegas in August! So excited!). I ended up wearing this outfit to my friend's grad party! 

Blazer: Charlotte Russe// Cobalt Blue and Earrings: Forever 21// 
Skinny Jeans: Seven for all Mankind// Shoes: Target
Check out my past challenge outfits here!
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Purple & Orange... & Turquoise

Hope you are all having a great weekend!! Just wanted to do a quick outfit post, this one was inspired by Ashley's "I tag you to Colorblock in Purple and Orange". I threw in Turquoise into the mix because lately I've been OBSESSED with it! It gives outfits a resort-like feel :)
Sunglasses: H&M// Earrings & Cuff: Forever 21// 
Orange Dress: Cotton On (previously featured here)// Scarf/Shawl: Express
☮ & ♥,


Stay Classy San Diego!

Happy Weekend!! I've been super busy this past week and I had to take a break from blogging and tweeting, but happy to report that this morning I finally had the chance to upload these pictures from last weekend on the bay in San Diego. I've mentioned before that I'm re-exploring my hometown: San Diego, California. Great weather & great scenery. I hope you enjoy these pictures :) 
On our way to the bay we stopped to look at planes coming in...
Across the airport is the bay, where you can see Downtown San Diego!
A lot of people live in their boats, I honestly don't know how they handle the movement! I loved the personalized touches that they put on their boats. 
That's Downtown San Diego behind me. In there you will find great restaurants, shops, Petco Park, Nightclubs, the Convention Center, etc.
I love this H&M necklace!! 
Across the way is Coronado Island, it's gorgeous over there, and it has a Navy Base.
People take out their boats and jet skis...
We had a wonderful anniversary dinner at Tom Ham's Lighthouse... This is the sign at the entrance :)
My boyfriend was intrigued by this barrel! ha ha ha
Next post I will return to an outfit post :) I hope you enjoyed a tiny piece of San Diego! Click here to see all of my other Re-exploring San Diego posts. For now I leave you with a picture of the delicious mango mojito I had :) Have a great weekend! Cheers!
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COLORBLOCKING with Primary Colors!

This week's challenge by Flor de Maria Fashion and Nany's Klozet is "I Challenge you to...Color Block with Primary Colors." I have to admit that this one was a toughy for me. I even had to double check the primary colors with Flor!! I love bright colors but I usually limit the brights to 2 pieces per outfit. So, once again I step out of my comfort zone, but that's the great thing about these challenges it forces me to play around with new colors and shapes. I was extra excited to wear my blue-colored jeans again, I hadn't worn them since San Francisco.

En Español: Esta semana el reto de Flor de María Fashion y Nany's Klozet  es "usar bloques de colores primarios". Tengo que admitir que éste reto fue medio dificil para mí. Incluso tuve que revisar los colores primarios con Flor! Me gustan los colores fuertes, pero por lo general nomas uso a lo maximo 2 a la misma vez. Así es que, tuve que salir de mi zona de confort, pero eso es la gran cosa de estos retos, me obligan a jugar con colores y formas nuevas. Estaba super emocionada de usar mis jeans azules otra vez, no los había usado desde San Francisco.

Yellow Tunic & Earrings: Forever 21// Blue Colored Jeans: Reference//
Clutch: Charlotte Russe// Shoes: Rocketdog
☮ & ♥,


My Bedroom Part 1: Styling Tricks!

Hola! Hope you are all having a great weekend so far. So this marks my first interior design post and what better way to start than with my bedroom!! Obviously my inspiration was Breakfast at Tiffany's!

Accent Wall: I didn't want it to be too theme-y (yes I just made up that word) and I wanted it to look sophisticated. My mom had given me that framed Audrey Hepburn poster so to tie it into the room I made my accent wall Tiffany & Co. green. I took a Tiffany's box down to Home Depot and had them match it but them lighten it a little bit. I tried to maintain symmetry because it made the room look neater and pristine. I did this with the pillows & night stands with the matching lamps.

The Bed:  There's something more grown up about a raised bed, I put mine on risers to make the bed taller by about 4 inches. The Comforters I purchased in separate places, I wanted a simple bed spread as well as some damask pattern for sophistication.
Inspiration Wall: I wanted a wall to display pictures that inspire me, I kept up with black and silver frames to maintain uniformity in the room...
Nightstands: Seeing as I was on a strict budget, I went to Ikea and saw these simple nightstands. The knobs were boring so I purchased these cute Crystal clear door knobs and switched the knobs out!
Lamps: I purchased these lamps on LilianVernon.com, I had seen them in their catalog and when I went to look at them online I saw they were on sale!! I literally purchased both for what one would cost me at Target. The downside about catalog shopping is that you can miscalculate the size. In my case, the lamp shades were too low so I purchased these metal napkin rings for $5 at Marshalls and inserted them to raise the lamp shade. It made them taller by 3 inches :)

I hope you enjoyed my first interior design post... I'm working on showing you the other side of the room next week :)
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Bloggers Do it Better: Neon + Neutral

Happy Thursday!! I hope you are all having a great week so far :) I guess I'm really liking this challenge concept because it pushes me to get out of my outfit comfort zone. The funny (and cost-effective) thing is I usually have pieces to meet the challenge in my closet, so I get super excited about that. This post is my first entry to the "Bloggers do it Better" challenge "Neon + Neutral" !

En Español: Feliz jueves! Espero que todos esten teniendo una buena semana :) Creo que ya me esta gustando este concepto de los retos porque me hace salir de lo que estoy acostumbrada a ponerme. Lo chistoso (y barato) es que por lo general tengo las piezas para los retos en mi closet, y eso me super emociona. Este post es mi primero con "Bloggers lo hacen mejor" y el reto es "Neon + Neutral" !

Top:Vintage//Neon Yellow Skirt: Express// Earrings: Wet Seal// Shoes: Target
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