Back from San Francisco :)

I feel like I have been away for way longer!! I'm back from spending a great 4 whole days in San Francisco! I went to attend my friend's wedding (which was beautiful) and to enjoy the city. I have been there previously and it seems like every time I go I have a different experience and get a different feel from the city.

I have so many pictures I want to share but to be quite honest I've been exhausted trying to catch up with work and readjust to my routines (and clean my house!)

To start, here are the first few pictures in San Fran from the Airport to the Farmers Market at The Port of San Francisco. They had an amazing array of foods and arts & crafts :)...


We arrived SUPER early, 8 am to be exact!
Love the artwork on the streets, this one in the Embarcadero area.
Bay Bridge!

A huge Farmer's Market, with all sorts of food & art choices.

Flattened wine bottles, that can now serve as plates or decor.

I love the architecture here, modern and old

More Art
Next batch: Baseball & Chinatown pictures!!

☮ & ♥,


  1. welcome back ;)
    perfect photos
    i love it

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