Christmas Tree Picking Uniform

'Tis the season my friends and if you're new here, hi I'm Paulina and I LOOOOOVE the Holidays! If you've been here before, then you probably already knew that (hee hee). To initiate each holiday season, one of my husband and I's traditions is to go to our local pinery and pick out a Christmas tree- it's a great way to get into the Holiday spirit and jumpstart the decorating!

I have documented some of our Christmas Tree picking trips throughout the years on this blog and looking back it has made me realize 1) I've been blogging for a loooong time 2) There's a formula to my Christmas Tree picking outfit!
Christmas Tree Picking Outfit, San Diego fashion blogger, San Diego Holidays blogger
Christmastime Baby and I, How to dress up baby during the holidays

This said formula includes: plaid + boots (Hunter boots specifically) + scarf + red lips. 




Cocktail Party Ready with Lafayette 148 NY

TGIF! It's Friday and did someone say cocktails?! Well even if they didn't here is my cocktail-ready outfit that I wore for a wonderful night out to celebrate the grand opening of Lafayette 148 New York's new flagship store inside South Coast Plaza. It was truly an evening of fashion as the theme was "The Art of The Occasion" which is very fitting for this time of year. It was also a night of philanthropy as some proceeds were benefiting Girls Inc. of Orange County. 
San Diego Fashion Blogger wearing Lafayette 148 New York, top San Diego Fashion Blogger
Lafayette 148 New York reversible leopard dress, Lafayette 148 NY black blazer




Best Black Friday - Super Saturday - Cyber Monday Deals Listed!

This is a "Hold up, let me shop these good sales real quick..." post! I'm going to keep this intro real short because I want you to get to shopping and take advantage of these ah-mazing deals! Every year I jump on here to bring you the best sales and coupon codes that I encounter, I'd say that at this point I am a pro at spotting those deals! I've also learned to only include those stores that are REALLY giving you great markdowns (i.e. 30-50% off) on a huge selection if not everything online. I've gotten the most bang for my buck during these sales and it's a great way to make those that you are giving gifts to believe you paid full price *wink, wink*

Below I have linked up the store sites and if there any coupon codes, so it's as easy as possible to shop and land on the sale (one click and you're in)!

Cyber Monday 2018 deals, holiday wishlist, holiday coupon codes


Baby's 1st Wonka Birthday Party!

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend as we hosted our son's 1st birthday party WONKA style! The Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 1971 movie is one of my husband and I's favorite movies, not only because I remember watching it as a kid and wishing there really was a chocolate factory to visit but also because it has a lot of great messages (even if they are delivered in a sarcastic manner by the late and brilliant Gene Wilder).

Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination, take a look and you'll see into your imagination...

willy wonka party, willy wonka birthday party, san diego mom blogger party
willy wonka birthday party, unique birthday party theme


3 Tips on Office Appropriate Women Suits

Let's talk about suits, but not like the regular kind, but the coooool kind. Working in a corporate setting for over a decade (I totally just aged myself), I've had my fair share of the usual office suit, but over the years I have seen the rise of the power suits- you know those suits that make you feel confident and cool? Today I bring you this cool suit from the Rachel Roy Collection which I deem the modern take on the classic plaid suit + a round up of other modern suits that are still appropriate for the office!
modern women business suit, off the rack suits for women, modern suits for women
Rachel Roy Collection Suit, San Diego Fashion Blogger, Top San Diego blogger


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