NYFW: Day 3 Outfit and Shows!

Day 3 was my last day at NYFW and I know you might be thinking you saw other bloggers go up to Day 5-6, but I had to keep my trip short because I couldn't be away from my baby that long! I think 3 days was perfect- I got a feel for NYFW, learned a lot about what to expect in the future and of course I got to check it off my bucket list!
NYFW Blogger Diary Day 3, NYFW blogger diary

This day's outfit felt more like my personal style - chic. Even my my cousin and Tuy commented that it was very me when I put it on. To give you an idea, if I had to pick a Sex and the City character's style that I identified with the most it would be Charlotte- girly and classic! I also wanted to point out that this is a dress! I know I bamboozled everyone that said "love the skirt!" well ladies and gents, this is a top and skirt! And it's currently on sale if you're interested- under $40 now here.
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NYFW: Day 2 Outfit and Shows!

After a long (but awesome) Day 1 at NYFW, I was going to sleep in on Day 2 because my first show wasn't until noon, when I get a text from Kali (a.ka. my fairy NYFW Godmother) telling me she had an extra ticket to Taoray Wang down at Spring Studios and if I wanted to come. Still half-asleep, I'm like heck yes, and then I realized, oh shoot I have to get ready and oh shoot which outfit am I wearing for Day 2?! You see another thing I learned about Fashion Week is that opportunities pop up and/or plans change so quickly! My cousin made me a cup of Nescafe (which I almost had to chug) and I ate half a bagel (no time to eat the whole bagel) and off I went!

NYFW Blogger Diary Day 2, latina fashion blogger at NYFW
Quick details about the outfit: I had taken two other outfit choices for Day 2, but in the moment I went with this dress because it was a statement on its own.
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Dress | Sunglasses | Shoes | Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM handbag | Ettika Layered Necklace


NYFW: My Day 1 Diary

Now that I got all of the sappy stuff out of the way let's jump into what my first day in action at NYFW looked like! I failed to mention in my previous post that I felt like the stars aligned for this trip to happen because my cousin JUST moved to New York and lives IN the city, so being able to stay and spend time with her was a Godsend!
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Friday was my first official day attending NYFW shows with my first show starting at noon. I woke up early because I wanted to give myself plenty of time to get ready and leave early. As I watched the clock get closer to go-time, I started doubting myself, my outfit, why I was there, etc, basically the nerves talking! I had to give myself a pep talk which sounded something like "Paulina you have gone to TONS of events and conferences all on your own, you have to do this, you can do this, it's now or never!!" Dramatic I know, but I needed to snap out of it! I triple checked the address and requested my lyft and off I went. If you follow me on Instastories, I showed a clip of me on my way to that first show and I looked so scared (p.s. you can find all of NYFW stories under the NYFW highlight reel on Instagram). I got dropped off, and like I said in my previous post, all the nervousness went away when I saw all the other daring fashionistas in line.


NYFW: My first time and Day 1 Outfit

New York Fashion Week has been a dream that I never thought I would be able to do.

Without making myself sounding like a dinosaur (hee hee), I grew up at a time where my only access to fashion week collections were magazines like Vogue. It wasn't until the Style Network (sadly no longer in existence), would play fashion shows late at night that I was finally able to see fashion shows in video. I remember sitting in front of my parents' tv watching intently and in awe of fashion! Then as an avid Sex and the City fan, I would just savor any time NYFW was part of the story line! Does anyone remember when Carrie walked the D&G show and was fashion roadkill?! Iconic.
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Top | Bottoms | Sunglasses | Shoes | Handbag | Lipstick

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"Every Year The Women Of New York leave the past behind and look forward for the future. This is known as FASHION WEEK." ~ Carrie Bradshaw,  Sex And The City

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