Chic Summer Outfit

Oh Summer where have you gone?! We are down to the last month of Summer and I'm trying to squeeze in as many summer outfits as possible! Luckily (or unfortunately sometimes) the hot weather has not gone anywhere and I was able to wear this gorgeous crochet kimono for a casual day out! I previewed this look on Instagram (here) and was blown away by the response! It only encourages me to not jump ship to fall looks just yet... 

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This kimono is so versatile that aside from this way, it would go great poolside as a coverup to a bathing suit or bikini, or also layered on a dress!

Another item that is versatile is this Hermes belt, sure it was an investment piece, but I love that it can be worn with a fancy dress (like I did here) or with casual jean shorts!
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Hermes belt outfit, tan Hermes belt, cognac colored crossbody
brown ankle heels, denim shorts outfit
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I will say that this summer has been a ton of fun, not only with the baby but doing lots of activities, like lots of pool days (as you can tell by my tan!), beach day, the zoo, the racetrack, and more. There are still a few other things I'd like to do before it ends though. What do you still want to do before summer is over?

Best {Fashionable} Regards,


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