We're pregnant! (& update)

It's been a few months since my last blog post which has been the longest I have deserted my blog for, and there's a good reason for it- I've been growing a lil baby inside my belly! My husband and I feel really blessed and thankful to share the news that we are expecting our first child!

The first ultra sound was such a trip! The hubby and I saw the flicker of the heartbeat and the baby in the very early stages. In the second ultra sound, the baby was "moving and grooving" as my Doc said and it was so cute and surreal. The third more detailed ultra sound was just amazing, seeing the baby extend its legs, open mouth, the profile of the head. After the ultrasound at week 19, I feel a new connection to my baby and I talk to "it" (gender to be revealed soon).

Week 6 through 17
It was all nerve and jitters from the time I saw a positive pregnancy test until week 6 when I experienced my first bout of "morning sickness". I had to say good bye to my coffee addiction and all the fun stuff in life (jk), no but really I am not taking any risks with sushi, alcohol, deli meat, soft serve ice cream. For the following 14 weeks it has been a roller coaster of morning sickness, food aversions and exhaustion. I will not go into details because this is meant to be such a happy announcement post, but being sick all the time literally knocked my off my feet, hence the reason for my abrupt disappearance. In addition, I was promoted to Manager two weeks before I found out I was pregnant, so my current situation has been me managing my symptoms to go into work to do my job, but after work I have become a hermit and just try to make it through the day with food in my stomach. It felt like having the stomach flu for about 3 months. I have hope that it will get better so I can start doing all the fun maternity things like prepping the nursery, reading books, and starting to buy stuff for the baby.

Week 20
I finally started feeling relief from food aversions and morning sickness. A part of me is still paranoid that a morning sickness episode will occur because they tended to happen out of nowhere so I'm still not going anywhere other than work and some very special occasions that I cannot miss. The best part of this stage is that I feel baby move ALL THE TIME! I'll be working and just feel the movements or kicks, and I get reminder, oh yeah there's a little person growing in me! My belly also "popped" out in week 20, and everyone at work started noticing that I was pregnant. My husband will sometimes be like "who it's big!" and we both trip out just staring at it in disbelief that we created this little being and that it will represent the combination of both of us.

On another note...
So yeah, I'm halfway through this pregnancy and have gotten through it with non maternity stretchy dresses, however I'm finally going to start shopping for some maternity wear and hope to share it on the blog soon. Thank you for all you who have stuck around and those who have wished me well on social media, I really appreciate it! Feel free to leave me any advice in the comments below, I'll take everything I can get since this is my first lil baby!

☮ & ♥,

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