My Chic Baby Shower

I'm so excited to share pictures of the very chic baby shower my sister (with the help of my family and friends) put together for me! My sister is a very talented party thrower- she's all about the details and taking the time to find the right vendors who can make her vision happen. She would ask me for my opinion on certain things, but for the most part I trusted her completely and I knew she would knock it out of the park, which she totally did. 

The color theme was light blue, white and gold and she wanted to have some golf references because 1) it was held on a golf course and 2) my hubby plays golf.

My Chic Baby Shower, fashion blogger's baby shower, san diego fashion blogger
About the Outfit: Dress | Shoes | Lipstick

I wanted to wear something elegant so I searched and ordered 3 dresses, I put them to a vote with my sister and mom and both agreed that this was the one! As far as shoes, I was having the hardest time because my feet swell now and none of my shoes fit any more! I ended up going to my nearest DSW last minute and bought these new silver shoes 1.5 sizes bigger than my usual size *startled emoji face*
Baby Shower Dessert Table, gold desserts, dessert table ideas
Back to the Baby Shower, the dessert table was just gorgeous! Most of the treats were by my sister's best friend at MKR Creations and the cake was from Sweet Revenge Bakery both here in San Diego. The gold on the desserts really made these desserts look too good to eat!
San Diego lifestyle blogger, Baby Shower back drop idea, gold and greenery backdrop
Welcome party sign, how to decorate for a baby shower, beige naked cake with flowers
Baby Shower Dessert Table, gold and blue themed baby shower, elegant dessert table
Chic Baby Shower, chic candied apples, elegant candied apples
Baby Shower Backdrop, gold baby shower sign, green wall backdrop
The backdrop greenery is from Amazon (here) stapled to a big piece of wood and the signage is from Dulces Creaciones by Selene Iribe
a fashion blogger's baby shower, chic dessert ideas, elegant dessert ideas
Candied Apple Ideas, chic dessert ideas, san diego dessert vendor
cute baby shower desserts, elegant baby shower desserts, MKR Creations
My sister wanted to keep the decor simple and chic, and these flowers were the perfect centerpieces. The flowers arrangements were from El Capitan High School through one of my sister's friends.
Baby Shower Floral Arrangement, blue Floral Arrangement, elegant Baby Shower Floral Arrangement
The blue cloth napkins and table runners were sewn by my mom and table linens were rented. We hosted about 50 ladies who are near and dear to my heart!
Eastlake Country Club Baby Shower, gold and blue party decor
White, blue and gold party decor, gold charger plates with blue napkins, tostiloco bar
My bestie Sarai sponsored the Tostiloco bar which is a big hit at Mexican parties, this one is a fancier set up from Tosti Bar. Love how they customized their labels to the theme!
tostiloco bar in San Diego, cool treat ideas for parties, tosti bar in San Diego

With my sister the hostess with the mostest!

Fashion Blogger Baby Shower
I'm not going to lie, when I opened the first gift and it was a baby outfit it hit me hard, that God willing in less than 2 months a little human will be wearing it!
Donut bar party, donut party decor
With my bestie who helped out A LOT!
Blogger Friends: Tuy, Ale, Laura and missing Jea in the pic!
With my amazing mom!

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my baby shower! Overall, I had a great time and I was so grateful for everyone who came out to celebrate this new chapter in my life. Just seeing how happy everyone is for Oscar and I and the gifts that filled the nursery made me so emotional (in a good way).

Event Concept/Styling: My sister
Photographer: My brother Javi
Venue & Catering: Eastlake Country Club
Candied Apples and most desserts: MKR Creations
Tostiloco Bar: Tosti Bar
Napkins & Table Runners: My Mom
Decorated Cookies: Giggling Goodies by Risa
Backdrop Signage: Dulces Creaciones by Selene Iribe (Tijuana)
Backdrop Greenery: Amazon

☮ & ♥,



Life & Outfits Lately

Hello!! I've been sporadically attending events here and there (depending on how my pregnant self feels) and I wanted to share some of my fave pictures that hadn't made it to the blog! Here are some maternity and non-maternity outfits and snapshots that were share-worthy, especially because some of the pieces are now on mega-sale!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a chic Hawaiian themed bridal shower, so in sticking with the theme I wanted something flowy, bright and of course bump-friendly! This dress definitely did that for me.
ASOS Maternity Dress, San Diego Fashion Blogger, San Diego mommy blogger, San Diego lifestyle blogger
Wearing: ASOS Maternity Dress (here & ON SALE!) | Heels (similar) | Galian "Katie" Crossbody bag (here)

How cute are the table settings!
Pink Hawaiian theme Bridal Shower, Hawaiian theme table setting, pink roses and palm tree decor
Now let's back track a few months back, to the day after I found out I was pregnant and had no idea I would be hit with morning sickness and out of commission the week after. Cafe Gratitude invited me and a girlfriend (Kali from In Spades blog) for a girls' lunch. Aside from the delicious plant-based gourmet food, Cafe Gratitude has so many instagram-worthy spots (their tile, their plates, their decor)! It was nice to catch up with Kali and know that what I was eating was healthy and preggo-friendly.
Cafe Gratitude San Diego, Cafe Gratitude fashion blogger, fashion blogger in san diego, instagram hot spot in san diego
Wearing: cabi Blazer | Forever 21 top | Old Navy Jeans | cabi Wedges | Quay High Key Sunglasses and Galian Handbag Tote

Their tile is one of my fave parts so a top down shot is a must! 
Tile envy, cute tile, cafe gratitude tile, i have something with floors

So then shortly after the above, the pregnancy symptoms started to rock my world! I had all these plans that I had to cancel, like a trip to Arizona with my friends at Toyota and even a couples trip to New Orleans with my bestie and her husband. I was so scared that I would also have to miss fellow blogger Vanessa Balli's wedding in Palm Springs. I had been sick all week and the day before, I felt ok enough to be in a car for over 2 hours (hubby packed me Gatorade, crackers and snacks). Thank God I held it together for a day and a half and I didn't miss it, it was such a beautiful wedding!
what to wear to a wedding, wedding guest attire, navy blue sequin dress

wedding table setting, chic boho table setting, wedding table setting, rustic wedding decor

And then, I couldn't hold it together for a few months, so I disappeared off the face of the earth... no really, you probably noticed tumbleweeds blowing through my blog and all of my social media platforms. But then I started seeing a glimmer of hope, I started to have more better days that not and finally was feeling well enough to walk around and go to the stores. The hubby who usually makes a face when I ask him to take my picture (he refuses to be an Instagram husband), actually smiled when I asked him to take my pic because he knew that was an indicator that I was feeling better.
casual maternity wear, motherhood maternity dress, macys maternity striped dress, what to wear in the second trimester
Outfit Details: Dress here | Converse shoes (similar here) | Galian Tote

During my pregnancy I received the most beautiful poster of our beloved San Diego from Modern Map Art. The hubby hung it in our bar cart nook which was the perfect spot for it in our home. It comes in different colors, but I love that this just looks classic in black and white. The quality of the poster is also superb, it's thick and has a velvety texture on the black area. If you're looking for high quality posters at an affordable price I highly recommend this company!
San Diego Poster, San Diego art, San Diego map art

And then came time to reveal the gender on social media! I had thought about having a gender reveal party, but I wasn't feeling up to hosting yet, so hubby and I had the doctor tell us at one of our appointments. She said, "one day your baby is going to be a big brother!" Hubby and I just looked at each other in shock and we stayed in that state as we walked out of the building. A couple of weeks later we had the anatomy ultrasound and sure enough, he's definitely a boy! lol. I held off telling people as long as I could, but since everyone kept asking I decided to put together a lil Instagram photo op (below) to announce that "It's a BOY!"
Gucci baby shoes, gucci baby loafers, gucci kid shoes, gucci logo shoes
Who knew there are baby Gucci shoes! I picked these up from Saks

And so the bump became obvious and I could start doing the pregnant pose. The pic below was taken in what is to be the nursery. Hubby had just painted it a very light shade of blue (on the second try because first blue we had chosen was a pastel blue). And as he painted, it became more real, I had to stop and admire how momentous it was. PS. Once the nursery is completed I will for sure share!
Cute Maternity Dresses, target floral maternity dress, chic maternity dresses
Wearing: Dress here 


Comfy Dress & Pregnancy Update

Happy Friday! I welcomed my third trimester last week and geez, it feels so close yet so far! I am due in 2 months and a half which feels like a long time in terms of dealing with this added weight and the symptoms, but a short time when I think of everything we still have to do to prep for baby! During this last stretch, I'm trying to not pack on the pounds like I did in the second trimester (when I regained my appetite) but I can't help it! Sometimes the highlight of my day is some good food! In times like these, I've been sticking to flowy dresses like this one and have been living in it most weekends.
Floral Maxi Maternity Dress, target Floral Maxi Maternity Dress, san diego fashion blogger, summer maternity style


(see non-maternity options below!)



Maternity Style

At last, a new outfit post and officially my first maternity style look! I wanted to do these types of posts sooner, but as I mentioned in my last blog post my first trimester was bru-tal! Now I finally have reached a stage where I feel normal *knock on wood* and I was finally able to make it to a San Diego blogger related event! I'll show you more on the event on the next blog post but for now let's get to the outfit!

Maternity Style, Maternity Outfit, San Diego Fashion Blogger
I had picked up this long vest pre-pregnancy and had always envisioned styling it this way. Now that I'm 26 weeks pregnant, I amended the styling to include this comfy and stretchy maternity body con dress which worked out perfectly! Unfortunately this exact vest has since sold out, but I did want to show that the vest + body con dress formula is a perfect way to be in maternity wear and still look stylish! This is also a great option for an office setting (wearing it to work as we speak) I just swapped out the heels for nude flats and voilĂ !




We're pregnant! (& update)

It's been a few months since my last blog post which has been the longest I have deserted my blog for, and there's a good reason for it- I've been growing a lil baby inside my belly! My husband and I feel really blessed and thankful to share the news that we are expecting our first child!

The first ultra sound was such a trip! The hubby and I saw the flicker of the heartbeat and the baby in the very early stages. In the second ultra sound, the baby was "moving and grooving" as my Doc said and it was so cute and surreal. The third more detailed ultra sound was just amazing, seeing the baby extend its legs, open mouth, the profile of the head. After the ultrasound at week 19, I feel a new connection to my baby and I talk to "it" (gender to be revealed soon).

Week 6 through 17
It was all nerve and jitters from the time I saw a positive pregnancy test until week 6 when I experienced my first bout of "morning sickness". I had to say good bye to my coffee addiction and all the fun stuff in life (jk), no but really I am not taking any risks with sushi, alcohol, deli meat, soft serve ice cream. For the following 14 weeks it has been a roller coaster of morning sickness, food aversions and exhaustion. I will not go into details because this is meant to be such a happy announcement post, but being sick all the time literally knocked my off my feet, hence the reason for my abrupt disappearance. In addition, I was promoted to Manager two weeks before I found out I was pregnant, so my current situation has been me managing my symptoms to go into work to do my job, but after work I have become a hermit and just try to make it through the day with food in my stomach. It felt like having the stomach flu for about 3 months. I have hope that it will get better so I can start doing all the fun maternity things like prepping the nursery, reading books, and starting to buy stuff for the baby.

Week 20
I finally started feeling relief from food aversions and morning sickness. A part of me is still paranoid that a morning sickness episode will occur because they tended to happen out of nowhere so I'm still not going anywhere other than work and some very special occasions that I cannot miss. The best part of this stage is that I feel baby move ALL THE TIME! I'll be working and just feel the movements or kicks, and I get reminder, oh yeah there's a little person growing in me! My belly also "popped" out in week 20, and everyone at work started noticing that I was pregnant. My husband will sometimes be like "who it's big!" and we both trip out just staring at it in disbelief that we created this little being and that it will represent the combination of both of us.

On another note...
So yeah, I'm halfway through this pregnancy and have gotten through it with non maternity stretchy dresses, however I'm finally going to start shopping for some maternity wear and hope to share it on the blog soon. Thank you for all you who have stuck around and those who have wished me well on social media, I really appreciate it! Feel free to leave me any advice in the comments below, I'll take everything I can get since this is my first lil baby!

☮ & ♥,



Blush Delicate Lace

There's something about delicate blush lace that oozes elegant Spring. Even though I've been coveting this tone for quite some time, it feels like it's a more prominent trend this season. This dress I picked up from the Worthington line at JCPenney was perfect because it's an updated way to wear blush this season with the bell sleeves that are also a big trend. I not only linked this beautiful dress below but also the top form, both are elegant pieces at an affordable price point! Want to see more cute blush items? Click here!

Blush Delicate Lace Outfit, San Diego Fashion Blogger, San Diego top blogger


Going with the Flow-y Top

Happy Wednesday and to all my women out there, Happy International Women's Day! I wish I had planned a red outfit to post today to represent, but instead I'm sharing this look that I wore to lunch with my mom and siblings which in a way was a celebration of the most important woman of my life! We wanted to take mom somewhere nice, and we picked Coasterra Restaurant because of the stunning views and delicious food (see pics below). It was one of those chilly San Diego days where over the knee boots felt appropriate and this Chicwish flowy top ended up being perfect to conceal my post-lunch bod (hee hee). 
Chicwish Flowy Top, San Diego Fashion Blogger, San Diego style blogger
chicwish blogger, socal fashion blogger, chic affordable fashion



Polka Dot Flare

Happy March! As I was looking through my recent blog posts I realized that I've been going with muted tones, blacks and grays which I attribute to this weird Winter we are having in San Diego. California has had a TON of rain which means that it's helped the drought crisis we had (and I won't feel guilty when I take a long bath- Lush here I come!)

San Diego Fashion Bloggers, San Diego Style Blogger, Top San Diego blogger
San Diego Top Fashion Bloggers, San Diego Fashion Scene, San Diego Street Style
When the sun peaks out, I'm scrambling to get the Spring clothes I have waiting in my closet like this polka dot dress that I scored for under $30 hereAfter sporting off the shoulder dresses and tops last season I decided to hold off on buying anymore because I wasn't sure how long this trend would last, BUT I have been seeing it all over the place so I hit add to cart to a few pieces. I wore this to Kendra Scott Fashion Valley's Galentine Blogger Party and it was only fitting that I wear one of my fave Kendra pieces, this necklace that pairs well with off the shoulder silhouettes.




Turtleneck LBD with Jean Jacket

Happy Monday! Lately the gray skies (and now rain) in San Diego are having an effect on my choice of outfits because I've been sticking to muted colors and warm essentials! I'm not going to lie, this chilly weather makes me a tad bit sluggish, so when I have to go to an event, this turtleneck dress has been a savior because it's warm and stretchy (in case such events have yummy foods). I've worn it with different jackets, blazers and shoes so it looks different each time, yet my sluggish cold self is still feeling comfy! So if anything take this recommendation from me, get yo'self a high quality black turtleneck dress!
San Diego Fashion Blogger, San Diego Style Bloggers, Top San Diego blogger

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