Holiday Home Decor 2016

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree... Holiday decorating is a must in our house, a tradition that was instilled by my mom and I adopted ever since I moved out (see my the Tiffany & Co., Luxe goldish or Ocean themed trees of years past). This year I went with silver and gold with touches of faux fur! (Side Note: I did a mini tour on Snapchat and on Instastories, see it before it expires!)
Holiday Home Decor 2016, Holiday home decor, gold and silver Christmas Tree

I usually just let the ribbon hang in a curl from the top, but this year I did the crisscross ribbon inspired by Pinterest.
Criss cross ribbon Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree silver and gold, living room Christmas tree
Holiday Pillows, sequin pillows, mini tree
As if one tree wasn't enough, I added this cute mini tree from Proflowers who delivered it to my doorstep! This is great gift to have delivered to a festive friend.
proflowers lit mini tree, white reindeer from marshalls, sparkly reindeer pillow
Because our mantle is thin it limits my decor but I found a thin pre-lit garland which I decked out with some of our smaller ornaments. I also "inherited" (more like took) these P-E-A-C-E stocking hangers from my mom that are perfect for this area!
Faux fur stockings, stylish holiday stockins, faux fur santa
You can't forget about a nutcracker! Our small foyer is also lit up and decorated.
Proflowers mini tree, gold and silver nutcracker
Faux Fur stockings, brown and white stockings, faux fur holiday theme
It has become a tradition to hang sparkly mistletoe! It's funny how our guests take it very seriously!
Sparkly mistletoe, Holiday Home Tour
Faux Fur throw and Christmas Tree, gold ribbon on Christmas tree
Silver Sparkly Shoes, Elegant Christmas Wrapping, silver and gold holiday theme
Details: Reindeer Pillow | Silver and Gold sequins pillow (Hobby Lobby) | White reindeer (Marshalls) | Faux Fur Throw | Brown Faux Fur Stocking | White and Brown Faux Fur Stocking | Pre-lit Garlands | Sparkly Shoes | Proflowers Mini Tree

Hope you enjoyed my Holiday Decor this year! I wish you a beautiful Holiday season! Let me know what colors or themes you decorated your house with this year!

☮ & ♥,



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