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Hello my name is Paulina and I am a coffee addict, especially on a Monday! I'm not much of a mocha or capuccino type of girl, but I loooove my regular coffee strong! So when my friends ask "let's meet for coffee" I'm like "heck yeah!". Today's look is a stylish coffee date outfit, not too overdressed, not too casual, but just like my coffee - perfect.
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If you are going to one of those cute little coffee shops with a patio or outdoor area, sunnies are key. I brought along this pair from Quay that aside from matching the gray color scheme of my outfit, adds some flair with the mirrored lenses.
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As you can probably tell, I'm getting major use of these lace up pointed flats because of the comfort while looking chic! Tip: Roll up your skinnies while wearing them to reveal the tied laces!
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From the 24 shades of the new MAC liptensity line (that I shared on Instagram here) I've been picking up the "smoked almond" shade over and over! Here is a close up below:
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