March Outfit and Life Recap

Good bye March, Hello April!

March felt pretty mellow- a little too mellow for my taste since I am typically in a frenzy of some sort. I attended a few blogger events here in San Diego including an awesome brunch with some fabulous ladies that reminded me of how essential bouncing off ideas from fellow bloggers is! It also got me thinking about going to a blogger conference again to get my ideas flowing, more on that below...

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On a style note, I like that this was a month of stepping out of my comfort zone. With my change of hair, came my change of style and I started finding myself wanting to try new things like the cropped flare pants in Outfit 5 or the tight midi zip up dress from Outfit 4. This month I collaborated again with Cabi whose headquarters I will be visiting at the end of this month! I'm beyond excited about going behind the scenes and will bring you along on Snapchat username: lilbitsofpau. I also featured some cute pieces with Banana Republic, local boutique Miss Match, Nicki Minaj Collection and one of my new faves, Galian Handbags.

This month I want to rejuvinate with ideas. For one thing, I will be checking off something HUGE off my bucket list in a week, here's a hint: I will be in the same venue as Oprah Winfrey! I will be in attendance at her Super Soul session! I literally cried when I bought the tickets so imagine how I will be when she comes out? A hot mess! They are not allowing cameras, just phones so I'll make sure to snap away to show you snippets of the talks that are meant to be inspiring, spiritual and motivating. The session will be for my personal growth which I'm always striving for. I love growing as a blogger, but I always regard it as a small portion of my life, therefore if I become a better person, I become a better blogger.

Let me know which outfit was your favorite in the comment section below!

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