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Please note that this is in collaboration with Allstate Foundation and Latina Bloggers Connect, this post was created and written by me for lilbitsofchic.com and express my personal views and opinions.

Obviously, as a fashion blogger I try to keep it light-hearted around here with fun outfits, beauty and lifestyle related posts, but behind the scenes I am a woman who loves thought provoking conversation. One year ago, I lent my voice and blog to discussing the #PurplePurse campaign and what a purple purse symbolized (read it here)- it raises domestic violence awareness, a topic that for many is taboo specifically when it comes to the financial traps that an abuser creates.

This year I decided to join in the conversation again to reiterate that the importance of having these conversations and to elaborate on recognizing how financial abuse plays a huge part in why abused women stay in those terrible relationships.

According to Allstate Foundation “Domestic violence and financial abuse often go hand-in-hand, but nearly 8 in 10 Americans have not heard much about financial abuse as a form of domestic violence. The number one reason domestic violence survivors stay, leave or return to an abusive relationship is that they don’t have the financial resources to break free. Financial abuse is just as effective in controlling an abused victim as a lock and key. If her credit has been ruined, she can’t get an apartment. If her abuser constantly harasses her at work, she can lose her job. And, crushing debt run up by an abuser means it could take a survivor and her children years to fully recover from abuse.” The sad part for me is that when I hear stories of women who were able to “walk away” it is after the fact, and note that “walking away” is not really “walking away” but it’s an uphill battle that not only entails mental and physical recovery but also financial in most cases.

To bring broader awareness, Kerry Washington (Emmy-nominated actress, style icon and domestic violence activist) is serving as a Purple Purse ambassador and has even designed a limited- edition purple purse.

I hope that information and resources provided here today can also be of use if you or someone you know that may be in this situation. You can help ensure domestic violence survivors aren’t financially trapped in an abusive relationship by joining the Purple Purse Challenge. Open your heart and wallet to stand up for survivors and the organizations that serve them at PurplePurse.com or in Spanish at BolsoMorado.com
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