Colorblock 2.0

When I started blogging a couple years back, color blocking was all the craze (I, of course, tried my hand at it then), but like other trends it faded. On Saturday, after I put this outfit together I totally realized I was colorblocking maybe a couple years too late, BUT I totally loved the combo! I appropriately titled it Colorblocking 2.0, meant to make you chuckle!

Later that day, I tossed on some sneaker flats and headed out to the madness that was San Diego Comic Con, if you want to see pictures head on over to my Instagram! It felt like the Gaslamp was one big theme park during Halloween!
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  1. That headless horseman is a bit scary. haha. Loving that color blocking though! Following you. :) I hope you can come stop by my bloggie now too. New post is up. I look forward to your visit!


  2. I love how you styled this, my favorite piece is the shoes of course!

    Spanish Muse

  3. Amazing colours and those shoes are fabulous! You look great. Xo

    Lace and Lipstick Stains

  4. so fun you went to Comic Con!
    Fun top, too! Love the colorblocking



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