La Familia de Hoy (Part 2)

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I'm excited to announce that the family I had written about here has won the Healthy Essentials’ LA FAMILIA DE HOY™ for 2014! Back in December, I had chosen and written about the Jimenez family because I connected to them the most out of all of the contestants. I related mainly on their family togetherness (how the brothers and sisters live next to each other) and their entrepreneurial spirit in achieving the American dream. Back then I had stated that to me a "Familia de Hoy" is a family that evolves together. Nowadays, it's so easy to be torn apart by distance, problems, disagreements but a “Familia de Hoy” does everything to stay together and help each other out both emotionally and financially.

Fast forward to now, 2014 has not been the kindest year to my family, but it’s so comforting to know that when someone in our family is suffering or struggling, we do an “all hands on deck” support system. It has only made us stronger and makes us appreciate each other that much more.

Family is dependable just like some of my favorite Healthy Essentials brands, and one of my go-to’s: Neosporin Original Ointment. You can ask anyone in my family, there is always Neosporin in my medicine cabinet! It’s not only because it minimizes the appearance of scars, but primarily because of the 24 hour infection protection. You know when you’re breaking in those super cute shoes, but they cut the back of your foot? Well, that’s when I put on some Neosporin so it could heal and I could give those shoes another spin *lol*
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  1. Aww...what a beautiful family! Congrats to them! And Neosporin is awesome. :)

    xo Azu


  2. I've never tried Neosporin in my life! :| My mom always had arnica instead, but now that you mention the cuts your get behind your feet I might get a small Neosporin and keep it in my bag because I always get cuts. lol


  3. Wonderfull look my dear...nice post and photos!Thank you for visiting my blog! Do you want to see my last post?


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