La Familia de Hoy

Please note that this is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson and Latina Bloggers Connect, this post was created and written by me for lilbitsofchic.com and express my personal views and opinions.

Meet the Jiménez family, a beautiful family with active kids that love playing soccer. They are one of three families competing for Johnson & Johnson and Univision's "Familia de Hoy" a campaign to find an authentic, modern and active family. Out of the 3 families you can vote for, the Jiménez family was my favorite because it was the family I identified with the most. For one, they are very connected to family, in fact they live right next to more family! It reminds me of how I refuse to leave my area of town because my immediate family is all right here, less than 10 minutes away. Growing up I have had the opportunity to move away to attend college or study abroad and I never did because I'm so attached- I call my mom and sister for practically anything! As I think about my future and potentially having kids, I cannot fathom the idea of being too far from my family. 

Secondly, Juan the father of the family is a Mexican-American financial advisor (as was I at one point) and his wife Biviana is transitioning from being a stay-at-home mom to working in Juan's financial business. They show the entrepreneurial spirit of a modern family that is trying to make a better life for their family.

To me, a "Familia de Hoy" is a family that evolves together. Nowadays, it's so easy to be torn apart by distance, problems, disagreements but a Familia de Hoy does everything to stay together and help each other out both emotionally and financially. One thing that is admirable in the 3 nominated families is that they are all working hard to provide a better life for their kids and are supportive of their kids and their love for soccer.

No te pierdas SÁBADO GIGANTE el 21 de diciembre para descubrir quién se convierte en LA FAMILIA DE HOY.

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  1. Beautiful family, makes me think of my own family and growing up in a Mexican household, it's all about familia.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Thank you for voting for us, I really appreciate your support and really connected to your write up about us. Please keep voting for us at www.unvision.com/lafamiliadehoy .... my best to you and your familia, Juan J. Jimenez


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