Pass the #PurplePurse for Domestic Violence Awareness

Please note: This post is in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Allstate Foundation and is compensated. This post was written by me and expresses my genuine views.

Happy Tuesday! Today I am taking a quick break from outfits to dedicate this blog post to a good cause- Domestic Violence Awareness.

Did you know that domestic violence affects 1 in 4 women in their lifetime? 
That’s more women than breast cancer, ovarian cancer and lung cancer combined! Lack of financial knowledge and resources is the number one indicator of whether a domestic violence victim will stay, leave or return to an abusive relationship because finances become a tool used by an abuser to control the victim. What is more common is that these victims suffer in silence and don't confide in anyone.

Statistics also show that one-third of Americans have never discussed the issue with family or friends, which is why awareness in this subject matter is crucial. Maybe if we are more open about the subject, it may allow a victim to not be ashamed or scared to come forward and seek help.

That is why the Allstate Foundation has started The Purple Purse Campaign

What is the Purple Purse?
The purple purse is a symbol of a woman’s financial independence and a sense of empowerment. As we “pass it on” it is also symbolic of the information and awareness that we are passing on. The best part is that this campaign is interactive and YOU can join in by passing the virtual purple purse (and therefore awareness) too!

Through October, the Allstate Foundation will donate $5 (up to $350,000) to YWCA, an organization empowering women and promoting peace and the nation’s largest provider for domestic violence services, each time a purple purse is passed and registered. 

Here's where you can do: Help me pass this virtual purple purse on www.purplepurse.com and enter the code below with your zipcode!
Also remember that if you or someone you know needs help their is a phone number to call for help: It's the National Domestic Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE.

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  1. I'm so glad you posted this Pau and I can't believe the number is that high. I definitely joined and added the code, then tweeted it. Thanks for taking the time to talk about DV Awareness.


  2. oh wow very good info and campaign thanks for sharing


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