Elizabeth Anne Shoes a.k.a. Purse for your Feet!

I'm always a fan of innovation especially when it has to do with fashion. 

Today I wanted to highlight an entrepreneur who brought a practical, yet amazing idea to life. Her name is Elizabeth, a 28 year old entrepreneur from Vancouver, BC who was inspired to work for herself. She like many of us was stuck in that 9 to 5 rat race (as I can relate to)  and while out at a club one night she retrieved her cell phone from inside the knee-high boots she always wore. A fascinated bartender leaned over and excitedly pointed “what a great idea! I should do that!”. After that incident, she decided to turn this idea into a business venture.

She developed Elizabeth Anne Shoes, a global online shoe store and soon thereafter there was a lot of buzz in the media. When I saw what Elizabeth Anne Shoes created I was mesmerized. It is a revolutionary "purse for your feet" (as seen in the picture)! Their mission is to give women the opportunity to dance, travel, or shop purse free all while wearing these comfortable and cute boots!

These boots have patented hidden pockets that hold everything from your iPhone, Blackberry, makeup, cash, ID loose change, and even passport pockets in some of their newer models.

As much as us ladies love our purses, how many times have we not wished to be hands-free and comfortable? I'm talking busy working moms who want to look cute while carrying their babies or ladies who are out for a good night out in the town and want to not worry about losing their purse or even traveling ladies who want to keep some documents like a passport safely tucked away in their boots... the occasions are endless!

There are a variety of styles (Fashion boots, walking boots, cowboy boots and casual boots).Check out  Elizabeth Anne Shoes Website HERE for all the details and boot styles!

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  1. What a great idea! I stuff things in my boots but this even better! Love it!

    with a Kick

  2. I love the boots! Amazing idea:)

    Check out my blog: http://theprintedsea.blogspot.de

  3. ahahah! great idea! love the design!!


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