Sharing is Caring with #KleenexSWS

It's not only Holiday Season, but sadly it's also cold & flu season *womp womp* and a lot of people around me are sniffling! Luckily, I have not gotten sick this season *knock on wood* but let me confess that ever since I have been living on my own, I act like a total baby when I get sick. 

My remedy: Jammies all day, holed up in my house, with my Kleenex (essential to not agitate my nose), anxiously waiting for my mom to deliver me the goods... sopa de fideo! As of more recent years, my boyfriend brings me a bag of medicine, vitamins and all those drug-store must haves. Then, I bug my sister who works for doctors, by letting her know the gazillion symptoms I am feeling (but mainly to whine about the darn sickness to somebody- Sorry Sister!) I am blessed to be able to depend on my family that lives nearby and in some cases it’s not the medicine that makes me feel better, it’s the thoughtfulness.

That is why I thought Kleenex’s Share Pack are not only essential for you when you are sick, but are also a thoughtful gesture to someone you love when they are in need. Plus, Kleenex also has a Care Pack  that you can send to someone who lives far away! It contains little things that we are in desperate need of when we are sick like Kleenex, lip balm and antibacterial. This cold and flu season, don't forget to share the softness of Kleenex!
Also in Spanish: Kleenex en espaƱol

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This post is in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Kleenex and is compensated. This post was written by me and expresses my genuine views.


  1. Oh that is just the cutest idea! Perfect when someone is feeling sick!

    1. isn't it?! Perfect for when someone you care for is far away and you just want to make them smile :)

  2. Wow, I never knew such a kit existed. I love Kleenex, they are the best for a runny nose. I'll have to pass on the sopa, no matter how sick I am I don't like to drink soup. :(



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