Mahal Style: Starry Night Out

Happy Friday! I'm beyond excited to show you this collaboration with the Mahal Style Creative team. Mahal Style produces amazing pictures and videos for fashion designers, fashionistas, Fashion Week San Diego (see their videos here), the list goes on... which is why I was so honored when they offered me this wonderful opportunity to showcase my favorite looks!

This is my first time doing a photoshoot and video of this nature and not only was it a great learning opportunity but it was an eye-opening experience. To think that when I started this blog I was going to steer away from posting pictures of myself because I was shy and now I'm actually doing a photo shoot?! eek! and yay! at the same time. I'm still learning more natural poses and better angles (as I'm totally not a model) so bear with me on my journey to better picture-taking. I want to thank my cousin Erika a.k.a. "primager" for keeping my looks organized, helping me with my hair and make up which was very much needed with a rookie like me.

And now..... Look #1: When I put this look together I was thinking a night out in downtown with my girls! Stars + Hot Pink+ Bling = girly sexy :)


Bold Red Peplum

Happy Tuesday!! I think the Vegas haze has finally worn off and I can elaborately explain why I went to Vegas! The occasion was the celebration of Mexican Independence weekend! I have been asked "why Vegas and not Mexico?" and to be quite honest I don't know why, all I know is that Mexicans from the U.S. and Mexico alike flock to Las Vegas during this weekend. It might be because the most famous of Mexican artists have concerts in Vegas that weekend (Luis Miguel, Alejandro Fernandez, Santana, Mana, to name a few) and/or this year there were two boxing matches involving Mexican boxers: Canelo and Chavez Jr. My boyfriend and I purchased some last minute boxing match tickets and away we went. Needless to say it was a great weekend of celebration and madness.

As you may have seen I'm really loving the peplum trend as can be seen here (my birthday), here (a baptism) and most recently here. Well, here's another peplum dress! This time I chose a bold red to match the Mexican flag ;)


2 Outfits in 1 Vegas Blog Post

Happy Sunday! It's one of those soothing Sunday mornings with a cup of coffee at my side and catching up on my blogging and tv shows with my doggie laying next to me... ah this is bliss!

I wanted to share a couple of outfits I wore in Vegas last weekend. One to gamble at night and the other to walk around the MGM. The key to both outfits was comfort because there was a lot of walking, but yet I wanted to remain stylish for those Sin City lights. Hope you like 'em and hope you are having a great weekend thus far!


Black Sequins in Vegas

Vegas is the perfect opportunity for me to wear something I can't see myself wearing in San Diego because it's all about the glitz, sparkle and a touch of skimpiness (keyword: touch). In my case it came in the form of this sheer inset Sequin dress! Yes, ladies and gentlemen I would not wear this in San Diego but you better bet I'll rock it in Vegas a.k.a. Sin City, USA.

On this day we went to XS nightclub located inside the gorgeous Encore. At about 1:45am (yes am!) Avicii came on to play and rocked the house! It's crazy that these DJ's come on so late though, by then half the club is drunk and won't remember his performance the next day, another 15% are exhausted and the rest are girls whose feet are killing them (like me!)... Regardless, I love me some house music so I was loving Avicii and the atmosphere just that I wish he had started a little earlier. Any who, hope you like the outfit and stay tuned as I share more looks from Vegas!


SwimSpot Cover Up in Vegas

Happy Sunday! I just got home from a weekend trip to Vegas and I am so excited to share all of the outfits involved! To start, I wanted to show you this chic and versatile "cover up" (yes, I said cover up!) from SwimSpot.com that I wore to go shopping. SwimSpot is a one-stop shop for swimwear with an array of designer brands, cover ups, dresses, a bikini builder and better yet, a fit specialist! I know what you're thinking "aren't we already heading into fall?" which is something I considered when I was picking out a piece, but SwimSpot has a variety of coverups that can easily act as tops to a fall outfit. I will definitely "fall up" this "cover up" next season (ok I think I'm done with the quotation marks I promise ;) )!


Dots for Fashion Week SD Press Preview

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Fashion Week San Diego Press conference where we were treated to hors d'oeuvres and a sneak peak of each of the designers' upcoming collections. The preview built up the excitement for October when these fourteen San Diego based designers will showcase their Spring 2013 collections. If you are in San Diego or the surrounding areas make sure to come support our local talented designers! Buy your tickets here as I hear they will sell out! Current code 'TRENDSETTER' will give you a $25 discount!


Berry and Leopard for FNO

Happy Friday! Last night was Fashion's Night Out all over the world and although I wish I was in New York I was glad that San Diego put on a good show. Fashion's Night Out was created in 2009 in New York at a time when we were deep in the recession and in an effort to boost retail sales Vogue, The CFDA & co. created a fun night out that encourages what else? shopping! 

My fellow blogger Rachel and I headed over to Fashion Valley for a fashion show at the mall, then the continued festivities inside Neiman Marcus. Here are pics of my Outfit, then the familiar faces and then my favorites from the fashion shows.


Bright Outdoors

Happy Wednesday! I hope by now the long weekend blues from the Labor Day weekend have gone... who am I kidding?! I still am not adjusted to being back at work! If anything I think the bright colors of this outfit will wake you up! This past Sunday my family got together to grill, and my nephew taking after his mom (my sister the party planner) wanted this to be Hawaiian themed. I thought this was the perfect occasion for wearing these shorts one more time before the summer ends!!

On another note, I def took advantage of them Labor Day sales and free shipping! I am awaiting the delivery of 4 shipments from Zara, ASOS, Boohoo.com, and Forever 21= a mix of fall items for my wardrobe and pieces for my upcoming Vegas trip!



Jungle Touch

Happy Labor Day! As I say in every post, it's still hot here in San Diego so it should be no surprise that I'm still not in Fall attire. On this day, I went shopping with my younger brother offering up my fashionable eye (lol) for his Vegas outfits. It was so hot outside but I do notice a slight cooling off! Hope you all have a great rest of your week and don't forget to enter the "About Pretty Things" bracelets giveaway here!
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