Operation "Fit in these Cargo Pants"

So about 3 months ago I purchased these Cargo Pants at Express, they were on MEGA sale! Since I was in a hurry I just picked out my size (the last pair of 8) and ran out the door. Fast forward to when I got home, excited to try them on and to my dismay they didn't fit!!! I had JUST bought a couple of trousers from Express for work at that size and I fit in them comfortably so basically these cargo pants run smaller (or am I in denial?)

I decided not to return them because they only cost me $15 annnnd I figured I will fit into them someday (the woman's common excuse to keeping clothes that don't fit in her closet). Now here I am, summer is almost gone and I haven't fit into the pants. Rather than giving up on it, I decided I would name my latest work out regimen "Operation fit into these Cargo Pants" which complements my other "Operation Vegas" since I'll be going to Vegas at the end of this month.

So for starters, I used to work out A LOT, but have since become a little sedentary with work and life so I convinced myself that the first step would be POWERWALKS! then progress into jogging. In addition I'm going to focus on my eating. 

So here is some cute things that motivate me to work out :) 

The Nike Iphone tracker: You put this censor in your Nike Shoe (there is a certain model that has the compartment to insert it) and you download the Nike Iphone application and it will sync. The cool part is it keeps track of your runs, the calories burned, your goals, etc etc.

The Booty Wrap : This is a faux sweater wrap, it's just the wrap with pockets!! so cool.

Fashionable Workout Clothes: Like these, with color and that give your body shape. 
source: Forever 21 Activewear
Source: Cotton On Body
Good Music!! (The picture below is the new beats by Dre earphones in pink! on my wishlist *sigh*)
I'll keep you posted on "Operation fit into these Cargo Pants", feel free to leave motivating tips, or what motivates you to work out! 
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  1. I totally loved this post and the pants - wow, really cool! I hope you'll achieve your goals and will be able to wear these. my suggestion would be to ride a bicycle if you have one, because it's fun and effective at the same time :)

  2. What a great idea! I love it! Great way to get motivated and stay motivated! And those pants are hot!! & what a steal! $15!? Stick to your plan and you'll fit into them in no time! :)

    Keep us posted on "Operation Cargo Pants" . I'd love to see a blog post on how you style them :)

  3. nice! xo

    p.s. I'm having a sunglasses giveaway if you'd like to check it out!

  4. Thanks girls!! I'll definitely incorporate these pants in an outfit post once I fit into them :)

    @Maiken- thank u for the tip!

  5. animo!!! esperare tus fotos con ese pantalon!!!


  6. Express is really inconsistent with their sizes... So it doesn't surprise me that what you thought would fit in store didn't once you got home. Skinny Cargo pants are cut on a smaller end but I don't know if you would need to go up one size. You'll get into these and you can still wear them in fall!

  7. Nice one <3


  8. amazing post !!
    thanks for sharing with us

  9. Espero que te sirvan pronto los pantalones! Y están muy lindos, y los audifonos rosas super cute!!!

    Lulita's Diaries

  10. love the pants on the first photo
    love it
    love it

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  11. Your so cute! And yes I understand about now working out, been so lazy this year :) Love the Nike tip, I need to do that b/c I can only work out to music.


  12. Hey hun, I am also trying to be more active at the moment, and I definitely think it helps to have different things that keep you motivated! I also have the Nike tracker, and I find good music and nice work out clothese keep me motivated! Keep up the good work, will all be worth it in Vegas!! xx

  13. Ahh I love that wrap! It reminds me of playing on the playground as a kid haha too cute!


  14. Skinny Cargo pants are cut on a smaller end but I don't know if you would need to go up one size.

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