Back from Vegas!!

It's been kind of odd being disconnected from the blog, I haven't been super active on twitter either, but it's super nice to come back to my blog and realize that it went beyond the 20,000 views!! I spent the last 3 days in Vegas for my friend Angelina's bachelorette party and I took today off from work to recover and relax. Vegas can be a very hectic place, a lot of alcohol and sun so I know my liver is breathing a sigh of relief right about now. I haven't gathered all of my outfit pics from Vegas but I wanted to share some random snapshots of the views, the food and Kelly Rowland who performed at Chateau (she is gorgeous!!). We stayed at the Aria in a room that had a great center-stage modern view of the strip...
The newest hip & trendy hotel: The Cosmopolitan
pastries at the Patisserie 

 Nightime Views...

The signature Luxor light, you know you have arrived in Vegas when you can spot this light! 

City Center 
Kelly Rowland performed a potpourri of her songs @ Chateau Nightclub
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For past all of my past Vegas trip posts click here!


Inspired By...

Happy Sunday to you all! I am so excited that Nany's Klozet and Flor de Maria Fashion brought their "I Challenge you to..." back! This week it is "I Challenge you to... Dress like your favorite blogger."

One of my favorite bloggers is Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific. Her style is so unique and colorful! I love when she dresses very Mad Men'esque, with big full skirts and her pearls. Here is the look I recreated with items in my closet to replicate one of Blair's outfits
source: http://www.atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com/ (left), me (right)

About the Outfit: Sunglasses & Flats: Cotton On// Dress worn as a Blouse: Merona for Target// Skirt: Loehmans (old)// Necklace: Forever 21 (old)// ring: Charlotte Russe

source: http://www.atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com/ (left), me: right
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The Ol' Denim Vest

Happy Monday Everyone!! I just realized that I hadn't posted an outfit for a week! eek! I've just been so busy with life as we tend to get. I had a weekend full of festivities: my friend's bridal shower, Girls Night out, etc. but this outfit I wore to lounge with the boyfriend. This Maxi Skirt is sooo comfortable! I had been craving some denim and I found this denim vest in my "donate" pile! who knew denim would come back on trend?? Goes to show, trends are cyclical! I also experimented with my lip color and made it more coral to match my nails :) Hope you enjoy my outfit :)

About the Outfit: Sunglasses+Maxi skirt: Cotton On// Stripe Shirt: H&M// Vest: Guess// Watch: Gucci (Vintage)// Flats: Michael Kors// Purse: Tory Burch// Nail Color: Essie "Meet me at Sunset"

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Getting to know... LovelyShopGirl!

I’m super excited to launch a new series on my blog called “Getting to know… a fellow blogger”!!! As I said in my intro post, I’ll be featuring a fellow blogger that I admire by asking them a series of questions that will hopefully introduce you to them or allow you to get to know them better.

This week, for the debut of this series I wanted to feature my fellow San Diegan blogger Amanda from LovelyShopGirl. I love her blog because it covers an array of subjects such as beauty products and fashion posts with her great personality and humor. You can also see her awesome tutorials and hauls on her youtube channel www.youtube.com/lovelyshopgirl.



Operation "Fit in these Cargo Pants"

So about 3 months ago I purchased these Cargo Pants at Express, they were on MEGA sale! Since I was in a hurry I just picked out my size (the last pair of 8) and ran out the door. Fast forward to when I got home, excited to try them on and to my dismay they didn't fit!!! I had JUST bought a couple of trousers from Express for work at that size and I fit in them comfortably so basically these cargo pants run smaller (or am I in denial?)

I decided not to return them because they only cost me $15 annnnd I figured I will fit into them someday (the woman's common excuse to keeping clothes that don't fit in her closet). Now here I am, summer is almost gone and I haven't fit into the pants. Rather than giving up on it, I decided I would name my latest work out regimen "Operation fit into these Cargo Pants" which complements my other "Operation Vegas" since I'll be going to Vegas at the end of this month.

So for starters, I used to work out A LOT, but have since become a little sedentary with work and life so I convinced myself that the first step would be POWERWALKS! then progress into jogging. In addition I'm going to focus on my eating. 

So here is some cute things that motivate me to work out :) 

The Nike Iphone tracker: You put this censor in your Nike Shoe (there is a certain model that has the compartment to insert it) and you download the Nike Iphone application and it will sync. The cool part is it keeps track of your runs, the calories burned, your goals, etc etc.

The Booty Wrap : This is a faux sweater wrap, it's just the wrap with pockets!! so cool.

Fashionable Workout Clothes: Like these, with color and that give your body shape. 
source: Forever 21 Activewear
Source: Cotton On Body
Good Music!! (The picture below is the new beats by Dre earphones in pink! on my wishlist *sigh*)
I'll keep you posted on "Operation fit into these Cargo Pants", feel free to leave motivating tips, or what motivates you to work out! 
☮ & ♥, 


Getting To Know... Lil Bits of Chic (ME!)

I’m super excited to launch a new weekly series on my blog called “Getting to know… a fellow blogger!" I have always been interested and inspired by how other bloggers got their start, what inspires them and what their advice is to other fellow bloggers like me. To tap into that curiosity, every week I’ll be featuring a fellow blogger that I admire by asking them a series of questions that will hopefully introduce you to them or allow you to get to know them better.

The official first blogger that I will be featuring will be my fellow San Diegan LovelyShopGirl on Friday!! (So excited!) So today's post is an introduction, "Get to Know... Pau's Lil Bits of Chic!" basically me answering my own questions for you to get to know me better... hee hee

How long have you been blogging?

LilBitsofChic:My first post was April 9, 2011= I’ve been blogging 4 months (but it feels like longer!)

What were the main reasons you started a blog?

LilBitsofChic:I’ve always been a creative person, however over the last five years working a full time job and working with numbers all day took its toll. One night I felt I had so much creativity pent up that I started painting frantically. One painting turned into 3 and I figured "I should document this on a blog". I started blogging about my paintings but my other passions for fashion and photography kicked in and here we are.
What inspires you?

LilBitsofChic: In life, I am inspired by my parents, who instilled great values, morals and work ethic in me. In my creative life, I am inspired by other creative people, whether they be bloggers, artists, musicians, etc. I am especially inspired by those who have become successful by doing what they love: Oprah, Matt Lauer, Jay-Z, Beyonce…

What do you like to do in your spare time? (Other than blogging)

LilBitsofChic: In my spare time I am usually relaxing from a busy day at work, walking my dog or spending time with family, boyfriend and friends. I also enjoy painting, surfing the web for ideas and checking out other blogs.

What has been your favorite part about having a blog?

LilBitsofChic: My favorite part about having a blog is that it a forum to express myself creatively. The bonus is when other relate or like what I blog about. That makes me feel nice.

What has been one of your favorite posts?

LilBitsofChic: My favorite post so far was the first fashion challenge I joined where the challenge was to wear an outfit inspired by a celebrity (click here). I loved that post because I stepped out of my comfort zone and it had a great response.
Where do you see your blog in a year?

LilBitsofChic: In a year, I hope that I am still as passionate about my blog as I am now. That it evolves with me to whatever stage in my life I will be at. I hope that it improves with time and that I get to know more bloggers.

To you, what defines a successful blog?

LilBitsofChic:To me, a successful blog is one that makes its creator happy. It's not about the money, it's not about the followers, it should be about keeping it 100% real and genuine.

What would be your advice to someone starting a blog?

LilBitsofChic: My advice to someone starting a blog is give every post 100%. By that I mean put in the time and effort that it requires to get your point across. My other piece of advice is to be supportive of other bloggers. It’s a whole universe of bloggers but it feels like a close-knit community when you start to support and get to know each other.
Anything else you would like to mention?

LilBitsofChic: I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to visit, comment and/or follow my blog. I hope that you enjoy this series as I start to feature other bloggers. If you would be interested in participating feel free to email me at pauslilbits@gmail.com. Thank you! And as always….

☮ & ♥,
***P.S. don't forget to come back Friday for "Getting to Know... LovelyShopGirl!"


*Flashback* New Year's Eve "Arm Party"

Yes, another blog post the same day! I wanted to join the "Arm Party" happenin' on Pretty Shiny Sparkly's Blog and I immediately flashed back to my accessories on New Year's Eve...

My Wishlist for August

♥ August Wishlist ♥
1. The Leather Look: Since I'll be going to Vegas at the end of August I want something a lil edgy and these pieces would be perrrfect: Pleather Inset Corset (Charlotte Russe) // Pleather skirt (F21)

2. Sally Hansen Glitz Blitz: For Vegas specifically I want some bliiing for da fingers. Sally Hansen's Glitz Blitz Nail Strips.

3. Leopard Print: I am dying for some leopard flats and a leopard skirt. I don't want to wear a WHOLE leopard dress so these would be enough for the leopard fix.

4. Fringe Jewelry/ Accessories

5. Bright Handbag: Yeah I still haven't gotten one! Ideally this Michael Kors would be perfect BUT I'll settle for a cheaper one.

6. Metallic Shoes: Not just metallic but outerspace lookin' pumps. I saw this in a magazine and I was just drawn to them, because they go with lots of stuff, kind of like nude pumps do but more dramatic.

7. A Trench Vest: I've been craving a trench vest for my casual days out, and pairing them up with my leopard flats.

8. Jay- Z and Kanye West "Watch the Throne" Album: I love Jay-Z, I love Kanye, put them together and it's a must-have for hip hop lovers like me! IDEALLY, I would love to see them in concert, I know they put on a good show. Kanye's Glow in the Dark tour was one of the best concerts I've gone to, I was pleasantly surprised.

9. A Camel Colored Blazer: I love blazers, I definitely need this color!

Hope you enjoyed my 1st wishlist post! I'll let you know what I end up getting!

☮ & ♥, 
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