Royally Fascinated

I'm a little disoriented after sleeping 4 hours and waking up to catch the Royal Wedding LIVE. I was initially going to watch it later, but I could not contain myself! So there I was, at 2:30 am P.S.T. getting teary eyed as the Royals were on their way... I was blown away, it was like watching a fairy tale come to life.
My first glimpse of THE dress!! @Todayshow
Yes, that is my tattoo... (not related to this wedding)



"This isn't the Real Caesar's Palace is it?"

Another Vegas Post :) hee hee...

On Saturday we had brunch at Bon Ami Gabi in the Paris Hotel & Casino by the Strip, aside from delicious food it had a great view of the Bellagio Fountain Show. I've never been to Europe so I guess the next best thing is the Vegas hotels duplicating areas of Europe!



Vegas, The Return of

I'm back!! A little sniffly from that Vegas weather, but full of pictures nonetheless. The weekend was a success as we celebrated my dad's 60th bday :) We ate a lot of good foods, gambled, shopped, saw a great concert (Carlos Santana with surprise guest George Lopez) and spent quality time together.

On Friday we had a fabulous dinner at the Sugar Factory in the Paris Hotel & Casino, followed by a visit to their candy shop and then walking over to the new Cosmopolitan hotel. We enjoyed GREAT food, candy and drinks!! Here are some pictures from that night...


Countdown to Vegas!

As we speak, I'm taking a break from packing and preparing for my Vegas trip tomorrow. Packing for Vegas is quite a unique experience because everything and anything goes in Vegas!! no judgement!! The shinier, sparklier, fancier and sometimes the shorter the better!

As I prepare, I couldn't help but look back at my favorite Vegas outfits from the past ...


Girls Night Out

Whether you are in a relationship, too busy to go out, or a hermit, it's good to break the routine and let loose with the girls...


My 2010 Slideshow...

One year ago, I got my first Macbook and I have been obsessed with it ever since :O) It took me a while to get the hang of all of its programs but I finally took the time to play with iMovie. Since it was the end of 2010 I decided to pay homage to my year. It was hard to select only a few pictures and videos from what was a very eventful year but I narrowed it down to the better moments. 2010 had its ups and downs  with many changes in between but it was a great year because it got me to where I am today which is a happy place :O)...  Enjoy!

☮ & ♥,



My Nude Shoes R.I.P.?

Last night I had a fun night out with the girls! We went to check out this new place Airr Supperclub (post coming soon about that) in downtown San Diego.

Today's quick post is about my nude shoes. When I purchased these shoes I knew they were way too tall for me. Since I'm 5'8 1/2 I usually stay below 3.5 inch heels and platforms (unfortunately most of the cooler shoes are way taller than that). Point of the story is, I loved the style so I purchased these shoes in the name of fashion.

Flash forward to last night when I wore them for the third time, I tripped and chipped the front of my shoes!!! MEGA boo :(

Mind you I got scratches but those will heal, however my nude shoes are dunzo. I said R.I.P. to my shoes but thennnnn I figured WHAT IF I try to revive them by adding black tips (kind of like Chanel nude & black flats)? Hopefully I can find someone to do it for a reasonable price, or I will figure out to D.I.Y. it. Either way, I didn't let it ruin my night and I danced the rest of the night away with my girls at Fluxx (a lil glipmse below).

☮ & ♥,


Farmers Market kind-a-day

One of my many new year's resolutions was learning about photography while exploring San Diego. 

I have lived in San Diego my whole life, however I feel like there's so much I have yet to discover. There are historic locations, places with great views of the ocean, new additions, etc. This city is ever-evolving and I don't want to take it for granted. Bear with me as I slowly rediscover San Diego ;O)

Yesterday was a baby step forward, as we went to the Farmers Market on Adams Ave. So many pieces of art on the street, the homely mom and pop shops, dog-friendliness, plants and food! I'm currently on a strict diet but once I can sneak in a snack I plan to go back and buy some macaroons from the lady selling European pastries *mouth-watering* Since I had to refrain from intaking any sugar, my babe got me flowers instead. Oh, and Coco got a pup-pop from Viva Pops (he loved it!). 

P.S. I know Coco needs a haircut!! I stumbled upon a groomer who would charge me $20 less than what I am paying at Petsmart so I'm definitely taking Coco there soon :O)

☮ & ♥,



The Pauboutin

My two passions: Painting and Fashion in one! I'm thinking about painting more shoes...we shall see :)
☮ & ♥,

Mis dos pasiones: la pintura y la moda en uno! Estoy pensando en pintar más zapatos ... vamos a ver:)

The Canvases Await

I have 1 huge canvas, 1 medium canvas, 7 smaller canvases and 4 teeny canvases: Most of them gifts from friends over the years who knew I loved to paint. Sadly enough, they sat in the corner of my room for years, blank and collecting dust.

I still can't explain what sparked me to start painting, other than my boyfriend telling me he wanted to see me paint. I finally just jumped into it. Now, I intend on filling up those canvases :) wish me luck!!

Here are some pictures of the process:

Getting the easel out of the patio closet.
No that is not a carpet, that is my dog sleeping while I paint.

☮ & ♥,

Tengo un enorme cuadro en blanco, uno mediano, siete aun más pequeños y cuatro chiquititos: La mayoría son regalos de amigos a través de los años que sabían que me gustaba pintar. Lamentablemente, estuvieron en la esquina de mi recamara durante años, en blanco y acumulando polvo. 

Todavía no puedo explicar que me despertó para empezar a pintar, con excepción de mi novio que me decia que quería verme pintar. Finalmente lo hice. Ahora, tengo la intención de llenar los lienzos:) mandenme suerte!!
Aquí estan algunas fotos del proceso.


Ghosts of Paintings Past

Prior to picking up a paintbrush a few days ago, I hadn't painted since like 2008 when I moved out on my own and I needed some art work for my bare walls. I painted these lil chic dolls and they've been on my wall ever since.


Spring is a'growing!

After two days of sporadic showers, the sun finally came out! I am fortunate to have a park across the street and I noticed that the bare winter branches were amidst their transformation into spring blossoms so I decided to take the new camera for a spin. Plus, I needed a break from staring at my painting all morning (post about that coming soon). Here are my favorite shots of the day...

 ☮ & ♥,
En español: Después de dos días de lluvias, el sol por fin salió! Tengo la suerte de tener un parque en frente de mi casa y me di cuenta de que las ramas desnudas del invierno estan en su transformación a flores de primavera, así es que decidí llevar la nueva cámara a dar una vuelta. Además, necesitaba un descanso de mirar mi pintura toda la mañana (escribire de eso pronto). Aquí están mis fotos favoritas del día ...


First Post... tun tun tunnn

Ever since I was a little girl I considered myself an artsy and creative person. It was not until recently that I realized I hadn't tapped into my creative side in quite some time. I haven't painted in about 2 years, I haven't scrapbooked in about a year, I've been taking pictures but not taken it to another level and to top it off, I work 40 hours a week in a "numbers" job which doesn't require an ounce of creativity. 

All this time I have felt this void and desire to express my creativity, however I didn't know how to just IGNITE it.

My solution: a blog... showing creative projects that I am working on, my progress in photography (now that I finally purchased my Canon Rebel), my fashion sense and my journey re-decorating my condo (because I love interior design).... voilà! here I am to share it with all of you, but above all to show myself, that I still have lil bits of chic in my life.

En Español: Desde que era pequeña me consideraba una persona artística y creativa. No fue hasta hace poco que me di cuenta de que no había aprovechado mi lado creativo en mucho tiempo. No he pintado en unos 2 años, no habia hecho un “scrapbook” en aproximadamente un año, he estado tomando fotos, pero no las he llevado a otro nivel y para colmo, trabajo 40 horas a la semana en un trabajo de “numeros” que no requiere una pizca de creatividad.

Todo este tiempo he sentido este vacío y el deseo de expresar mi creatividad, sin embargo yo no sabía cómo ENCENDERLO.

Mi solución: un blog ... mostrando proyectos creativos que estoy haciendo, mi progreso en la fotografía (ahora que finalmente compré mi Canon Rebel), mi sentido de la moda y mi proceso decorando de nuevo mi casita (porque me encanta el diseño de interiores).... voilà! aquí estoy para compartir con todos ustedes, pero sobre todo a mí misma, que todavía tengo “lil bits of chic”/ pedacitos de estilo/elegancia en mi vida.

 ☮ & ♥,
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