San Diego weather has been pretty chilly lately and I keep reaching for the coats, the sweaters and even sometimes blankets (don't judge me, I'm not used to cold). Still, I refuse to let my coat game get bland or boring so I picked this patterned fuzzy hoodie from Saylor Clothing to tackle the chill or even snuggle into (the texture is so soft I feel like I'm in one of those detergent commercials when I press my face on it).

I also picked up a few other cute pieces from Saylor Clothing that I will be styling in the next couple of posts. When I read "SoCal Chic" in their description, I knew this shop was totally up my alley! Headquartered in the college town of Downtown Fullerton in sunny Southern California,  Saylor Clothing  selects only gorgeous pieces for their shop and do all of the fashion legwork for you. Every piece is both stylish and affordable- Check their site out here!

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The Cape-Blazer

During my recent move (and after filling up one closet with all blazers) I realized, I am a lot lil blazer obsessed, which is why there needs to be a good reason to get another one. 

Well, this one from Sheinside did it! It got me to acquire one more blazer into my overly blazer stuffed closet because in my defense it's not 100% a blazer, but a cape-blazer hybrid that really takes an average outfit to chic proportions!

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Beanie Weather

Brrrrr!!! San Diego has seen it's unusual share of cold weather lately and well, all I can do is continue to layer sweaters, coats and now... hats! I have never been much of a beanie kind of gal, but during my recent visit to "Targei" I couldn't resist this chunky knit beanie. I decided to give it a try and it opened up a realm of possible outfits to wear it with. 

First off, paired with the CAbi pink coat! I know, I need to give this coat a rest, but in my defense it's so warm and it makes me feel so girly especially during our many visits to Home Depot! Our house is finally starting to come along but just when I think we are almost done more things pop up. Yesterday we installed new blinds and even though it is such a mundane object, for us it's so exciting! I think any of you homeowners can relate, especially with fixer uppers- every little thing in the house feels like such an accomplishment!
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Bye 2014, Countdown to 2015

Another year coming to a close and it's bittersweet because 2014 brought so many big changes in my life, two of them being huge life changes, getting asked for my hand in marriage and then buying our starter home together. I know that typically as fashion bloggers we can choose to put a wall and keep it all fashion, but I like sharing my life beyond the outfits because I'm sure someone out there can relate and in essence, that makes me feel better connected with you all.
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