Live Poshmark Party in San Diego!

I'm so excited to announce that I will be a returning cohost at Poshmark's upcoming #PoshParty here in San Diego with fellow fashion bloggers Vanessa Balli and Esmirna! It will be a simultaneous live and virtual #PoshParty where if you're in San Diego you can join us personally at the hip W San Diego Rooftop OR if you're anywhere else in the country you can join us virtually through the Poshmark App on your smart phone!
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Cocktail and Casual

Less than a few hours away from clocking out and starting my 3 day weekend! I will say that I'm a tad disappointed in this weather, it's been pretty gloomy in San Diego these last couple of weeks. With my Summer dresses on stand by, I've been wearing jeans like every single day! Here is a way to be a little dressed up, but still be in jeans- a nice balance between cocktail and casual attire. If you want to see this top dressed up, you might recall I wore it here.
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Celebrating Mothers #SinTraduccion

There are words that are easily translatable between Spanish and English when describing my mom, like the consejos (advice) that she gave us growing up, the endless apoyo (support) and of course the amor (love) that she filled our hearts with. This past Mother's day, we wanted to spoil my mom in ways that are not as easy to translate! There are words in Spanish (our native language) that carry so much cariño that it gets hard to explain. Hopefully, some of these pics I snapped during the Mother's Day celebration will do the trick, but yet will remain #SinTraducción.

We call my mom "Iron Mom" because she stays strong through the ups and downs in each of our lives so when it came to Mother's day- la tuvimos que apapachar! Being a grown woman now filled with life events, bills and problems I love the feeling my mom gives me when I need her. Sometimes I don't need words, I just need her presence to comfort me and make me feel like I did when I was a little girl where everything will be ok.
We also had to spoil my sister who is an Iron Mom in her own right with my niece and nephew. To celebrate these two amazing Mothers in my life, I headed to my local Target to get them some goodies, but one goodie in particular was a total hit. 

Instead of a card, I got them a beautiful little keepsake book that says "Mom, things I love about you". With writing prompts inside, we all wrote in it, in both English and Spanish.

Here is my sister and mom reading along while taking a few pauses to not shed tears in the restaurant. I have learned that it's not about the big material things when celebrating mothers, but those mementos like this book that they could open and read at any time. Don't get me wrong we still had to give these Latina moms some things to estrenar! My mom also got a ticket to see her favorite, Chayanne, ea!

This post was in collaboration with the Target's #SinTraducción Campaign, to learn more about it make sure to follow the conversation on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with hashtag #SinTraducción or here #SinTraducción Guest Program.
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Just Bold Pops

I'm a sucker for a good bold print, and although this print from the very colorful Milly for Kohl's collection also came in a dress version, I went with the pencil skirt due to the flattering material. Plus, I wanted to pair it up with this cool (not-so cropped) crop top from the Elle collection which was also at Kohl's. This top had its own matching skirt, however it was not as flattering this skirt! I came to the realization that sometimes pieces reach their full potential when you cross collections/stores/price/etc, it all comes down to what flatters your body.

I also realized that I like having outfits like this on deck for when special events pop up. In this case, as you might have seen, I wore this to the Vince Camuto Fashion Valley soft-opening and then to the Omnia San Diego media night. I liked how this outfit proved to be versatile in both totally different scenarios!
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